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    Anyone know how to set one up?
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    sure, what kind of site are you upping to, an anonymous one (like suprnova, lokitorrents) or a site that logs your ratio?
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    I was hoping to make a private tracker for TZT. This would be for trading non-copyrighted material of course.
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    i don't know how to set one up, though the only major benefit of setting up your own is being able to watch people's ratios, which iif we're not goign to be sharing things like music and games ratios shouldn't matter too much

    if you want i'll dig up some of the anon trackers i know of and we can just use those
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    I guess we could use a public tracker. Anyone care to make a FAQ?
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    I don't know didly about bit torrent, but I have 2 friends in different bands that have constantly wanted me to get some of their music out there.
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    very quick rundown on how to download
    1 - get a bt client, i use azureus because of its customability and options, some other popular ones are bit tornado, shadow's experimental, and nova torrent

    2 - customize your options so it downloads where you want

    3 - find a torrent site, open the torrent, and it should download

    the main thing about torrents is you should share what you leech, meaning you should pay attention to your ratio and get it to at elast a 1, or else the torrent will eventually die off

    now making a torrent
    1- get azureus, click the "create a torrent icon"
    2 - select "use extrenal tracker"

    you have your option on what you want to put here, but for easiness sake use mongo

    in the annoucne url box put in

    3 - add the files you want to put in the torrent, then just click next until it says finish

    4 - once you have the torrent file created, you upload it to mongo's server (link provided earlier)
    then put the torrent here and we can start downloading it, that is if you're a good seeder and keeping it open and giving us bandwith :p