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    I've become obsessed with catching crab from shore via crab snaring. Making trips out in the middle of the night or even before work leaving at 3am lol. Usually only get one or two keepers at most.

    Finally hit paydirt tonight. 8 crabs in 2.5hrs of snaring.
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    Having worked in trucking for so many years I know some great places to get crabs. They're not Alaskan King... but they feel huge
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    years since his last joke broke some normie's emoticon water, truck-stop wanderer qubhed stops into a local dive joint

    peering up through clouds of cheeto dust wafting from the shithole, he can just barely make out a sign: "tallon zek times? doesn't seem very well maintained, wonder who runs the place. something about that name seems familiar..."

    one post & a [​IMG] later, it was as if he had never left
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