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    We have decided to return to the old TZT Guidelines with slight modifications made for this board and we dropped a few rules that pertained specifically to the old EZBoard.

    Admin. Discretion

    - All infractions of these posting guidelines are determined at Admin. discretion.

    - At any time an Admin. may deem an action inproper or bannable that is not included in this list.

    Bannings / Warnings

    - If you are warned by an Admin. and feel it was unjust the fastest way to get banned is by being mouthy. Everything is reviewable and we try to error on the safe side.

    - Bannings are not necessarily permanant in nature. Often times it's for a "cooling period". If you are banned simply e-mail the Admin. in regards to why, for how long and any other information regarding the incident you would like to know.

    - PMing / E-mailing the Admin. with demands to be unbanned or seemingly insincere or non-existant apologetic reasoning will be ignored.

    Be polite and sincere and your request will be more quickly granted.

    Response time to e-mail will vary.

    Thread Topics

    - Please keep thread topics as normal as possible. Things that may get your thread topics changed: all caps, a bunch of unnecessary characters, excessive swear words or other things that aren't a simple mix cased title for the topic.

    Message Board Usernames

    - Message board usernames need to be kept to respectable length.

    - Message board usernames can be removed at the discretion of the Admin.

    No Spam

    - Spam will be considered to consist of messages lacking any intelligent content and/or messages advertising another website, message board, or sale of services/items. Some exceptions may be made, but you need to ask the Admin. staff or it may get removed.

    - Posting extremely long strings of characters to distort threads or anything else done to distort a thread.

    - Posting a thread on same topic as another thread especially if the original thread is still being bumped and/or it seems to have created unnecessarily for attention may be considered spam.

    - Quote vortexing. Which is deliberate, unnecessary embedding of quotes.

    - Constantly harping on any topic for the sole purpose of trolling for responses can be considered spam by the Admins. This includes inflamatory remarks that form a clear pattern of repeated trolling.

    Real Life Threats

    - The threatening of another person will not be tolerated. First time offenders can be banned for violating this rule. Be very cautious even jokingly threatening members in real life context.

    - If you think you are being seriously threatened, please inform an admin, but be aware that the ultimate decision on whether or not a threat is real is up to the Admin.

    No Pornographic / Groteque Material

    - This includes pictures/material linked from the message as well as imbedded within the message and, in some cases, text describing pornographic or grotesque acts. First time offenders can and will be banned if they do not use the proper NHB forum for this material.

    - NHB is created for nudity/explicit acts, and will also be much more lenient on grotesque materials. However, exceedingly revolting threads must be clearly marked and 'trick' thread titles will not be permitted.

    Bandwidth Intensive Content

    - No bandwidth intensive content in posts without proper warning in the title. This includes both pictures and any other objects embedded within the message that causes high bandwidth. This furthermore incluse signatures or any other content submitted by the user.

    Real Life Information

    - No messages containing real-life information of another user. This includes, but is not limited to: real name, address, phone number,
    city/state, email address, ip address. First time offenders can be banned.


    - Harassment will be considered to be excessive unprovoked abusive language towards a particular user or group of users especially when the abusive language is out of context with the thread it is posted within.

    - As always, the Admin. determine whether or not something falls into the harassment category. If you genuinely disagree, feel free to take it up with the Admin. - but resorting to insulting and harassing behavior towards the Admin. may result in us automatically ignoring your case.


    - Excessive swearing, racist remarks, sexist remarks, perversion and any other form of vulgarity in the extreme will not be tolerated. While we will allow a liberal amount of freedom use it in a sensible manner.

    Custom Titles

    - Admin. may randomly assign titles. If you want yours changed just ask.

    - If you have not had one randomly assigned you may ask for one. Titles are assigned at Admin. discretion.