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    that's not what I do, i'm more network engineer that can do sysadmin

    How are people going to learn to become programmers, we are talking to adults here at least I am, school is the only option to get straight to these other places without experience, even still it's hard without an internship/experience unless you work in helpdesk/desktop support

    If you want to get into tech you need to work in tech

    Trying to teach yourself to become proficient in programming while you're not working in tech, and trying to compete against young people who just got out of school etc is not ideal and very bad competitively, they usually want to see real world scenarios you have applied your skills towards

    I'm also responding to the people who asked in the previous thread what they should know
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    I agree with you about helpdesk/support type jobs as a starting point, for the same reasons. Before you have the experience you do have to take whatever you can get.

    My point is only that people should try to identify their strengths since it will help (whether now or later) focus on a field that you both enjoy and excel at. Someone who knows he likes to code can start developing that on the side if he has to.
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    I very firmly believe the way to look at help desk work is as a jumping off point to something else. Both in terms of experience gained, but even just proximate exposure to various other people and figuring out what may actually interest you. I mean yeah, some people may be wired to be doing help desk for the next 10-20 years, good for them - but like you said, that REALLY takes a lot of patience. I like to think myself as pretty patient but I probably would have shoelaced by now if I stayed doing helpdesk lol.
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    Also, quick shout out for people who end up branching into network as their next-step path. This is a very natural thing to progress from when doing desktop support... and can lead to all sorts of shit (network work being full of other follow-up paths, all the way to trying to manage Amazon or ISP-level networks)
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    right, but they are quickly smashing systems engineer/admin and network engineer/admin into the same role
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    i'll link the free training and paid training versions for stuff, all of this can be learned free, you only have to pay if you want access to an organized website that tracks your learning progress like pluralsight/cybrary/udemy/Cbtnuggets which isn't necessary
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    also remember in tech you're competing against H1b visa's and far more foreigners than they would compete against at home, so you're naturally at a disadvantage in this market

    a massive, massssssive disadvantage

    they hire these people to drop out the salary range

    I can provide all the facts and numbers for this if anyone wants to argue

    "we can't find people to hire"

    Iran/Russia/China don't seem to have that problem when they are destroying our networks and finding our SIGINT field agents

    who else is going to install vsphere on that server, or write up the most basic script

    This hurts American workers, I could be a billionaire and I would still fucking seethe over this
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    that was motivational, so talk about your stuff
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    Here's a job at activision blizzard in santa monica that's open, pays

    no one cares if you have an A+ cert, just take that as a, you know the basics right?

    • Deploy Desktop images to workstations and laptops.
    • Maintain user’s desktop and laptop systems.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve software and hardware related issues.
    • Support Windows 7/10 (and Mac operating systems a plus)
    • Support AV conference rooms and meeting requests.
    • Support Mobile Devices (iOS and Android).
    • Support Printer/Copier/Fax devices.
    • Assist users with office and cubical relocations.

    • Strong Analytical/Troubleshooting skills.
    • Experience with OS imaging and deployment tools like Acronis, Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT), etc.
    • Knowledge of MS Office Application.
    • MS Outlook configuration and troubleshooting skills.
    • 2 + Year experience with Windows 7 & Windows 10
    • 2+ Years’ experience in a domain network environment.
    • 2+ Years’ experience with TCP/IP.
    • 2+ years’ experience with DNS.
    • Knowledge of DHCP.
    • Able to Lift up to 50 LBS.
    • Flexible schedule. Able to work daytime, evening or weekend shifts when required.
    • A+ certification.
    • Windows 7 and Windows 10 Desktop certification.
    • Experience with AD Users and Computers.
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    if you tell me the general city where you live I can look up jobs near you and tell you what you would need to know or say
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    reached out to the head of activision blizzard IT and talked with him to get a clearer picture of that job

    it's exactly like I described
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    Yes and no.

    At least in the NZ Market, these are largely still distinct roles in an enterprise of any size, but increasingly systems engineer/admins need to actually understand the basics of networking to not be fucking incompetent drooling idiots. You don't need to go get a CCIE to be a sys admin, but at least understanding the basics of CIDR, VLAN's, trunking, port aggregation etc is kind of essential when you are dealing with either onprem or cloud virtualization now. I've met (and sadly sometimes worked with) way too many "Systems Engineers / System Administrators" who don't even understand the basics of subnetting or the concept of VLAN's.
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    when i was managing i usually left the tech interview bits to my engineers, but if i did do any technical questions for sysadmins i tended to focus almost exclusively on networking - sysadmins who didn't understand basic/intermediate networking had pretty low ceilings in the types of orgs i've been in.

    of course, in a regular helpdesk role, you can get away with only a little networking knowledge (at least on the entry-level end)
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    yeah i'm talking from the perspective of a network engineer, that's more or less what I would be considered, I can do sysadmin but I know way more about networks

    my end goal is being a network architect and sysadmin architect, with security and data forensics/recovery

    there are some tektronix items I want, but dropping 10k-20k on calibration/analyzers is brutal
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    network/security specialization is never going to go out of style, esp. the security side of things as everything on the planet becomes connected.

    that said, i've been surprised at the speed at which even networking specialists are being asked to have some scripting/automation chops (it's hardly universal, but at least in the web fields it sure as fuck is helpful... to the tune of an extra 100k more helpful)
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    i feel like the easiest money is working at SAP or Oracle doing consulting


    it's going to take all those inputs, and give you those sweet outputs just the way you like

    do you know how we do that? a little something called api
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    There are jobs in IT where it's kind of like temp/consult, the jobs have a daily pay rate around 250-400+ depending on what you're doing

    these companies are kind of like MSP/Temp agency's, but specific ones will get you daily rates for immediate work depending on what you know

    no one is talking about what they want to do so i'm just talking about different types of IT world jobs

    If you live near a big city I strongly urge you to figure this out for your region, this can break open a door into the biggest tech companies in the area for you
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    here's a dc job, pay is up to 65k, let's break it down if it's worth it:

    We are seeking a Windows Desktop Support / System Administrator with a technical aptitude to perform level 2 IT support across multiple SMB IT environments, most with 80 users or less, primarily working remotely from the office in a team environment of 10 or less people. If you are interested in gaining experience in virtualization solutions and hosted or private/hybrid/public Cloud technologies, we encourage you to keep reading…

    You will be joining a cutting-edge IT company at the forefront of Cloud and Proactive Managed Services. The company has grown from 30 employees to over 80 in the last 3 years, in response to new busienss and organic growth. Business is booming and we have room for regular reviews and advancement, compensation is competitive and we recognize hardwork, dedication and intelligence.

    If you have experience working for a Cloud or Managed Services Provider of anysize…please apply, we REALLY want to talk to you and value industry experience.

    The Windows Desktop Support / System Administrator will be performing 30%-50% desktop support and 50% – 70% servers, systems (email, virtualization, etc.) and networking support and projects/deployments. Want a challenging job that keeps your hands on the latest technology? Keep reading…

    joining one of the premier D.C. Metro IT Managed Services, Network Management companies, globally ranked by the MSPmentor as one of the fastest growing Managed Service and Cloud Service Providers in the world two years running. Qualified Windows Desktop Support / Junior System Administrator candidates that have experience supporting multiple small to medium-sized businesses are encouraged to apply.

    The Windows Desktop Support and System Administrator will work hands-on with Senior level System Engineers and Virtualization Engineers, receiving superb on-the-job training, health benefits, a company car, 401(k) match, and paid over time. We value quality of life and people interested in building teams.

    Windows Desktop Level 2 System Administrator Key Skills:

    • Problem investigation, troubleshooting and resolution. Master of Desktop Support and customer service.
    • Proactive on potential customer issues and IT environment health.
    • Familiar with remote Troubleshooting methods.
    Servers, Systems, Networking Level 2 Skills

    • Knowledge of Servers: Active Directory, Group Policy (administration, not necessarily creation of new GPs), bring up Domain Controllers (this is sysadmin)
    • Administer and experience migrating on a team or autonomously, on-premise Exchange of O365 (sysadmin)
    • P2V experience, working with VMware or Hyper-V (Sysadmin/networking)
    • Can you troubleshoot SonicWalls? You’re good, keep reading…. (networking) (This isn't a good sign for working here especially when they are asking about virtualization stuff previously, that's insanely backwards as sonic walls are the step between a home router and something like a cisco meraki/juniper router, it's the small business router I have like 6 different kind of sonicwalls in a lab just to refresh memory occasionally, most of my routers/switches are cisco)
    Personality Traits:

    • Accepts Responsibility – Willing and able to bear high levels of responsibility: making decisions, being accountable.
    • Openness – Communicates honestly, openly, and consistently. Shares information appropriately and Involves the customer in solving problems.
    • Positive Attitude – Encourages a positive rather than negative viewpoint.

    You see this a lot in IT now, they want both a desktop support and a Sysadmin/Network admin/engineer and they are paying awful, bad job bad pay
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    Arogarn you should apply to this

    Washington, DC

    Job Description:
    Leidos is looking to improve and advance our organization. Our program is focused on the delivery of end-user centric IT technology solution to our Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) customer where we are challenged to provide ongoing innovative and seamless experience while using CMS systems, applications and solutions, provide proactive secure development of IT integrations, concepts, and designs across the CMS enterprise and integrate end-user computing devices, conference room technology, infrastructure hardware and software, and user applications into a streamlined and seamless experience across the CMS user base. We foster a positive end-user experience while ensuring protection of the data. (they are describing a basic desktop support role)

    As a Personal Computer Support Technician you will provide on-site and remote supports for computer workstations, printers, peripherals, and teleconferencing equipment. In this position, you are expected to poses exceptional communication skills, technical, and analytical skills. This challenging position requires an individual with demonstrated experience in resolving technical client support in a service desk setting, ability to perform technical troubleshooting and provide data analysis to determine root causes of application issues. You will work closely with other members of the Customer Support Service team as well as Product Development team to remediate reported client issues in a timely and professional manner. The successful team player will be knowledgeable of all products and expected to be a contributor to new product features and product testing. You are expected to troubleshoot problem areas (in person, by telephone, or via e-mail) in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide in-person, hands-on assistance at the desktop level. (they are describing a basic desktop support role)

    Primary Responsibilities

    Under the direction of the Customer Service (Tier 2) Manager and Customer Service Support Manager, you will be responsible, to include, but not limited to:

    • Install, configure, troubleshoot, repair, and test a variety of technology equipment in a multi-vendor environment to include but not limited to computer workstations, printers, peripherals, and teleconferencing equipment in accordance with the program policies, procedures and Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs). (easy)
    • Field incoming help requests from end users via service requests but as required also telephone and e-mail in a courteous manner and provide assistance in person as well as remotely. (easy)
    • Document all pertinent end user identification information, including name, location, contact information, and nature of problem or issue within ITSM tool in the near real-time manner. (easy)
    • Resolve issues quickly, and maintain a high level of end-user confidence. (easy)
    • Perform software and hardware upgrades & repairs to existing equipment using current processes and provide recommendations for improvements. (easy)
    • Train users in accordance with the existing Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) on the proper use of hardware, software, and mobile devices. (easy)
    • Monitor Backups and take appropriate corrective action whenever necessary. (uhh, this could mean a lot of stuff)
    • Monitor end user asset performance and take appropriate proactive corrective action whenever necessary. (I hate people who write this shit)
    • Identifies potential problems and understands when problems exist without being prompted. (easy)
    • Works individually, actively participates on integrated teams. (easy)
    • Responsible for investigating various computer hardware and software issues independently and with the assistance of peers, vendors, and manufacturer support. (they are just repeating themselves at this point)
    • Analyzes root causes and resolves issues. (repeating)
    • Ability to work after hours or weekends on an as needed basis to provide support which includes the ability to be on-call for emergency support. (easy)
    Basic Qualifications:
    • Associate Degree with 3+ years of experience. Additional years of relevant experience will be considered in lieu of a degree. (you have this)
    • Minimum 2 years of experience working with PC Hardware and Software (you have this)
    • Proficient in current Microsoft technologies including software, operating systems, group policy, etc. (this is active directory)
    • Must be customer oriented. Solving customer problems in a timely manner, and informing the customer of problem resolution in a clear manner. (you have this)
    • Experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting hardware, software, and peripherals. (you have this)
    • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment. (you have this)
    • Experience with 1 or more Windows or Mac products. (you have this)
    • Hands-on experience in troubleshooting Microsoft Office Suite 2016 (Outlook, Visio, Project, etc.) and Microsoft Windows (7, 8.1, 10) with the end users. (you have this)
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently to perform responsibilities effectively and efficiently. (you have this)
    • Demonstrate strong analytical and problem solving skills. (you have this)
    • Ability to communicate technical concepts to technical and non-technical audiences. (you have this)
    • Aptitude and enthusiasm for learning and teaching new technologies. (you have this)
    • Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with all levels of staff and the customer. (you have this)
    • Collaborative, works as part of a team to successfully achieve common goals (you have this)
    • Empathetic, honoring the consumer and what they are feeling (you have this)
    • Passionate about helping others (you have this)
    • Self-Confident and able to diplomatically express views that may be unpopular (you have this)
    • Actively Listens and is able to quickly distill provided information and insights (you have this)
    • Conscientious, organized and dependable; always meets deadlines and commitments (you have this)
    Preferred Qualifications:
    • A passion for quality and excellence.
    • Demonstrated commitment to continuous professional growth.
    • Competency in ServiceNow ITSM tool. (this is just a ticketing tool/management system there are so many of these things)
    • Initiative-Driven, pursuing goals beyond what is required or expected
    • Experience working in agile environment utilizing JIRA (no idea why they are asking about jira for this job description, it's a program for tracking in an agile development setting but none of the job requirements even make sense as to why jira)
    • Technical Certifications in any one of: MCP, Dell/EMC, CompTia A+, Network+, Server+ (this just looks like a recruiter/HR listed IT certs, all of these are entry level certs, the Dell/EMC just tells me they are using dell servers/cloud, you're not being hired as a network admin/engineer so this shouldn't really pertain to you too much, if this is connected to the data back ups (cloud) they are being snakes on going about asking for this type of role)
    How have I never heard of Leidos, and it's the 4th largest defense contractor?

    The only problem I see is they are talking about backups, if they are talking about server data back ups where is the DBA, I don't really know what they are referring to, tape drives, image backups or something maybe for SCCM/PDQ (manage/deployment tools) I'm not sure

    If they are talking about DBA stuff that's different (the job lists nothing about that though), if they are talking about images/general documents you're fine
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