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    i didnt even know there was a new star trek out.

    quit raping my childhood hollywood
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    List of The Best Movies
    by Shamlock the Wise

    1.) Star Trek: Beyond
    2.) Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
    3.) Jack and Jill
    4.) Hot Pursuit
    5.) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    6.) Jupiter Ascending
    7.) Angels & Demons
    8.) Jonah Hex
    9.) The Happening
    10.) Sucker Punch
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    Just saw Suicide Squad EC. I honestly liked it loads above Beyond, which is funny when you look at the rotton tomatoes reviews of each movie. Not saying Suicide Squad was great, but come on, this is the third star trek reboot that featured the 'big bad warrior (or time-traveling dude) that plans to wreck the federation' plot line. At least Suicide Squad has Harley Quinn in tight shorts.
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    I will be watching Suicide Squad based solely on this post.
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    pls do not bespoke the name of shamlock for such a shambolic post searyx
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    Yeah, I liked the first two quite a bit but I couldn't even begin to give a shit about anything that happened in this movie.