Space has sexual misconduct as well

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    I was just about to post that buzzfeed article. They make the creeped out assistant sound way more creeped out than the original article did

    Not looking good for NDT
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    Not a big fan of the saint-like status the media gives individual science educators to begin with. This will likely end up reflecting poorly on all of science.

    At least NDG actually had a PhD and was active in research at some point, but media typically cares more about fame than scientific accomplishments and expertize.
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    Eh, this is less a media problem than a human being problem.

    Humans don't care about the faceless masses of "all of science" in general. They want personalities. It's how we think.

    It's a double-edged sword to be sure, because of shit like this NDG episode. But without someone(s) to be the face of science, people really don't give two shits about what thousands of faceless scientists have to say. (see: all the morons who still don't believe climate change is a thing)

    I don't like the dynamic myself, but if anything it feels like we need more prominent science personalities, not less. Unfortunately all that seems to exist in popular culture (in the US anyways) seems to be Neil DeGrope Tyson and Bill Nye The Cringey Science Guy.
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    utumno is correct. no need to further discuss. thx velox.
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    This is my thought for anyone who has any degree of fame while the internet has settled into its foundation.

    I see famous people as being the easiest to honey pot by foreigners. (make you an asset by finding information you don't want found, see the republican party)

    Maybe offer them tax evasion, harangue them into public diplomacy *Russia, steven seagal, the french guy etc* North korea Dennis Rodman*

    What's really going on with those things

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    Yeah, but media could pick somebody that is at least an active scientist to be the face science (c.f. Einstein, Hawking). NDT has not been active in a long time, and Bill Nye was never a scientist. These in particular may have done an OK job as PR people, but it opens up a career path that can undermine science by short-circuiting the whole process by going directly to media/fame. These people can then end up on government boards and setting policy. It's very hard work to produce the results to advance your career in science, which makes exploiting the much lower bar in media very tempting.

    In the end everything is a human problem, but I think media did a better job of filtering previously. Maybe it just had less competition and could afford to be more elitist. However, digital-age low-margin media will let anything through that generates clicks and/or fits the filter bubble of their consumers. I've seen laymen set up as equal "experts" by media, and set to debate scientists ill prepared to deal with completely dishonest argumentation. Science isn't really compatible with a post-truth world.
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    I like how he's been on the Hollywood A-list for years but for some reason he decided he didn't need to do this until he was tapped to host the Oscars.
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    Probably because of the spotlight on gender issues and LGBT equality stuff that has been prominent in the Oscars in recent years. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually is a homophobe, or have some homophobic leanings. The black community is way less accepting of gay people than whites are, so it’s probably never been something he needed to worry about in the past.
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