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    Never heard of this, but it seems like a cool tool!

    I'd be nervous about uploading certain scripts anywhere (even though this dude is obviously on the up-and-up, who knows what his security practices look like), but it can be ran locally I'm sure.

    The article describing his experiences in creating the tool is a good read for programmers I think:

    And random TIL....

    "And after discovering late in the interview process that Apple has a blanket ban on all programming related hobby projects..."

    wtf apple, that seems needlessly draconian
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    fuck me, my head is not tech.
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    This is p nerd-tastic. It's even more programmer-centric than my personal forte (I'm called DevOps engineer but I'm still much more Ops than Dev). But we have a few code-nerds here that would probably appreciate it.

    Also I never resist a chance to get a dig at Apple. :p
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    is the ban for apple proprietary software or outright coding