playing on kildrukaun's prophecy, emu server

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    I started here last week and I'm really enjoying it. typical play hours for me after beyond 7:30pm PST on the weeknights that I hop on, and randomly on weekends. I'm playing a shaman / don't mind helping folks level if they want to check it out. It's a classic-progression themed server, but it's not as brutal as classic was. it'd be cool to field our own raid groups and progress through the content! I have a couple of friends playing here but would like to see more.

    cliff notes:

    -uses EQunderfoot client, with custom patcher to update server specific files. (can obtain via torrent or I can assist via PM most likely)
    -classic through planes of power
    -expansion locked - you must unlock the next expansion via solo (small group) quest line, or through raid progression (raid meaning 9-12 people usually?). it takes some effort, you won't breeze through it
    -accelerated XP gains (slow enough to enjoy the leveling, fast enough to not get bored/feel tedious). I am ~8 hours in and level 26.
    -slightly improved drops to make acquiring spell money a little easier.
    -there are porters at every main city, you can jump between cities, but have to travel otherwise
    -maingear gear on death (no corpse runs really..), there is experience loss
    -maximum boxing allowed is 3 chars. I am personally doing a solo char, I don't like to box.
    -boss mobs difficulties are adjusted and scaled down for smaller groups.
    -hp/mana regen while meditating between fights is kinda quick, takes maybe a minute to get back up to full.