[PC BSOD troubleshooting bullshit] This Is Why I Own Macs

Discussion in 'Tech Heads' started by Sear, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Trying to pinpoint a cause of freezing/crashing/BSOD w/ my girlfriend's PC.

    It is a large "iBuyPower" $1200 plastic hunk of gamer nerd shit that looks like it was designed by a 12 year old, running Windows 10.

    These crashes seem entirely random. It's not overheating, the memory/HD are fine (ran chkdisk and the RAM scan thing), there's no malware, and I removed virtually every stupid fucking helper/startup program that could be causing issues. Drivers are up to date. I pored through some of the advanced Windows settings, like the ridiculously long Power Management checklist and tried different settings, etc. - didn't fix the issue. We've used multiple graphics cards, so that can be ruled out too. It's been formatted once already.

    Event log tells me next to nothing. One BSOD was "kernel security check failure", another one mentioned the "usbport.sys" file. I just tried unplugging the USB wifi dongle and updating the motherboard drivers, so I'll see if that changes anything.

    Any ideas here? Apparently this PC has been prone to crashing even when it was relatively new.

    My last resort plan (if formatting again doesn't work) is to gut the parts and rebuild it using a new motherboard.

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    If you can borrow some memory sticks (or better yet if there are 4 sticks use half, then the other half), could rule that out as well.

    HW probs are a bitch to troubleshoot.... in my lifetime I'd probably say in order of prevalence for random crashes (totally subjective):

    a) Video Card
    b) RAM
    c) Some fucking USB device bullshit
    d) Mobo
    e) CPU

    I didn't include storage device since those tend to be kindof obvious when they go bad.
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    first, lol

    second, I agree with Utumno, and I'd start by looking at your video card. I know you have tried multiple cards, but something you could absolutely try would be to completely uninstall the video card for a couple of days and just use the onboard video to see if BSOD's stop. Sometimes it's easier to eliminate the video card as an issue than it is to prove it IS the issue (we waste a lot of time doing this). Also, were all the video cards the same vendor (i.e. nvidia)?

    In the meantime...what firmware version is the video card on?