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    I've got a GTX 1080 and was trying to get the following 3-monitor setup to work:

    - 50" 4K HDMI -> DP GPU port ( this monitor: )

    - 32" 1920 x 1080 DP -> DP GPU port ( this: )

    - 27" 1920 x 1080 HDMI -> HDMI GPU port (this: )

    But I can't seem to get all three to pop on at once. If I plug in the 32" while the 50" and 27" are already humming along together, the 32" is not detected at all -- not by Windows (doesn't appear in Display Settings at all, is not just 'grayed out'), nor by NVidia's "Rigorous Display Detection", and the 32" reports "No Signal".

    On the other hand, if I plug all three in and boot up, the 32" defaults to serving as primary monitor and boots up fine, but the 50" and 27" then both report "No Signal".

    I've also switched the 32" to HDMI -> HDMI (plugged it into the HDMI port on my mobo) and to VGA -> DP with an adapter and to HDMI -> USB with another adapter, and I tried keeping the 32" on DP -> DP but switching it between the two remaining DP ports on the GTX 1080, but got the same behavior in each case. 32" turns on or the other 2 turn on, but never all three.

    I've previously had success with a 3-monitor setup on the same graphics card and in Windows 10, at the time using a much older 27" monitor that I had hooked up to USB through a DVI-to-USB adapter. DVI is the only kind've port the 32" lacks, so I can't try that here.

    Any ideas what might be wrong? I was wondering if perhaps there's some sort've rule about the combinations of port types that can be in use simultaneously, but haven't had any luck googling a good online resource to help me figure out if that's the case.
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    nevermind the internet is USELESS i used my computer nerd bootstraps to fix this
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    15 years ago, Sam Deathwalker was able to build a 6 monitor setup, all while suspended from chains over his bed. He accomplished this feat without needing to pathetically beg for help on the Internet.

    I hope one day you realize how much this thread has forever shamed you.
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