Microsoft Security Essentials enough on its own for Small Business?

Discussion in 'Tech Heads' started by CanadaEQ, May 14, 2015.

  1. CanadaEQ

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    Under 20 computers + Server.

    Symantec Endpoint Protection currently setup, seems to be doing the job.

    Pay $1,000 for 3 more years of Symantec or switch to MSE for free?
  2. Daliak

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    No. MSE is almost but not quite useless at actual protection. I feel ashamed for relying on it for my personal computer to be honest. I would never entrust it to protect a business.
  3. Solayce

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    I'm a Symantec admin at my job. See if you can reduce costs with Small Business Server, or try non-managed. The product is fine. You'll find rabid fans of other tech. Use whichever works best for you. Relying on a installed virus scanner that doesn't do anything else is a bad move. Relying on any antivirus product alone is not enough anymore. Layers, layers, layers...
  4. Marglar

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    definitely no to switching to just security essentials. it's one of the worst rated. it's fine for tech savvy folks on home computers but I wouldn't trust it for anything else.

    1000$ for 3 years is not very expensive. agreed that it's only one of several layers for real protection, but it's a bit unrealistic to think that an org. with 20 machines would be looking into UTMs or advanced firewalls. they're probably going to rely heavily on their AV solution, so it better be a good one :). if you're not discouraged with symantec I would look into saving costs elsewhere.
  5. Utumno

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    Trend Micro maybe?

    Don't know if that's cheaper.