Macs really catching up!

Discussion in 'Tech Heads' started by Utumno, Feb 13, 2020.

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    I know agrul said the start menu but the way searyx and you describe it they are eye fucking you on every page
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    Who uses the Start menu for anything?
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    Hardware compatibility doesn't have anything to do with their OS design or usability, so I'm not with you on that.

    Linux Manjaro is open and feels better to me. It's a free OS designed by some neckbeards. Windows 10 is the flagship product of a trillion-dollar company.

    If you're in the "I don't really give a shit bc it does what I want good enough" camp, I totally get that. Nothing wrong with that.
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    first they came for my start menu

    and redley rodhammington clintonian said nothing