just spent ~four hours on my day off tracking down a bug that turned out to be just me running the c

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    ode on the wrong data file
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    reminds me of this guy (rly smart dude too) yesterday who was having a terrible time troubleshooting a memcache problem. came to me for help (i'm useless w/memcache but walked through it with him though to confirm he wasn't crazy).

    ended up he was just checking the wrong port (like if it ran on 20101 or some shit he was checking 20102 instead).

    Computers r terrible.
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    I have done this.

    also spent 4+ hours trying every obscure workaround and creative solution possible to a problem, only to discover that some undocumented change in the last release of Unity was at fault

    + shout out to accidentally putting a parentheses in the wrong place and taking half an hour of looking at every line of code before catching it

    fortunately this kind of shit is pretty rare for me, but when it does happen it sucks bc then I obsess over how much time I just wasted
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    This type of thing seems to almost never happen with python, thank god--especially with Sublime + a linter of one sort or another--but I remember running into this a lot way back when

    In my math undergrad days when programming was less a part of my life I not infrequently underwent what might be the closest analog equivalent of this: trying to come up with a proof of a theorem that is false because I misread or misremembered a problem in the textbook
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    i have never done anything inefficient in my programming life and look down my nose at you haughtily for failing to catch this immediately