ikea predicts what your kitchen will look like in 2025

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    I actually liked this article. It may be kinda pie-in-the-sky but it's a neat vision. Combo table/stove would be a rad space saver in my current place. I also never really considered just how much space my fridge is wasting. If I were to remove all the shelves and just condense the stuff inside the fridge to 1 big pile of stuff I would guess at least 60% of the space inside of the fridge is empty and being cooled for no reason. Could ultimately take a ton less energy to cool a handful of smaller containers, especially if you can adjust the amount of cooling needed based on whats inside.
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    Time to learn something new today, Sear!

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    I am now up to date on the stove heating game

    thanks pal

    no accidental burns makes this less fun
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    i have a burn on my thumb from making fresh tortillas on a hot iron skillet. no ragrets
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    it'd all be used for porn