Idaho teacher who fed puppy to snapping turtle found not guilty of animal cruelty

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    Nevermind, think I was wrong -- beef seems to be the exception, in that its production levels in recent history were a lot less reliant than other meats on high-output industrial farming. Or, that was, at least, the case 20 years ago:

    "For 2002-2003, FAOestimates of industrial production as a percentage of global production were 7 percent for beef and veal, 0.8 percent for sheep and goat meat, 42 percent for pork, and 67 percent for poultry meat. Industrial production was estimated to account for 39 percent of the sum of global production of these meats and 50 percent of total egg production.[19] In the U.S., according to its National Pork Producers Council, 80 million of its 95 million pigs slaughtered each year are reared in industrial settings.[13]:29"

    The FAO site also gives the figure for beef as 10%, so maybe that's closer to current.

    I'm not clear on why you took "the question to be about banning meat or not for ethical reasons," though. I think Kanmuk's 'Beef production is pretty terrible for the environment + animal welfare, and we should all probably eat less beef' was about as close as anyone got to saying anything like that, and it's completely different in meaning.
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    Good to know, thanks.

    The discussion basically went from slippery slope with ban on killing puppies -> ban on killing cows, and Kanmuk chiming in with that we should eat less meat anyway on ethical grounds. I guess that is what I was responding to. Preemptively protecting my beef.
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    If you are eating humane beef/dairy, then you are ahead of a lot of the world, and if we can progress to the point where all production is humane, then I am ok with that. I don’t think most people give a shit about animal suffering, though.

    The environmental impact of beef is a bit overblown, but it is still significant. I don’t like constantly deferring responsibility on multi-variable problems towards variables we personally care less about. We can say “well, I’d rather we had stricter regulations on fossil fuel consumption than having to eat less of my delicious meat” (which is a much bigger problem), but the reality is that there’s no reason we need to eat this much beef and dairy. We have a trillion gillion superior food options that are less detrimental that we could easily substitute for beef - it’s not like with fossil fuels where our entire way of doing everything is dependent on them. The only reason we eat it is because we are pathetic weaklings that don’t want to give it up because it’s yummy or because we are insecure posturers that associate it with masculinity. I eat it, too, so I’m included in this ridiculous orgy of weakness. But it has a significant enough environmental impact that I should probably make more of an effort to stop than I do.

    As Agrul said, it’s a bit of a meaningless rant because I don’t expect people to change. Humans are too good at deferring responsibility to change the way they eat en masse.
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    i blame beef and dairy for being too delicious
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    awful thread