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    The hero we needed in 1999
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    Your sudden-slasher-flick criticism is valid. I suppose I just overlooked it because I was tied up in thinking about what it'd be like to have to put down your own kid.

    A few of the graveyard/woods scenes in the book made my skin crawl and cost me a little bit of sleep, which never happens to me (only other times I can think of is when I finished House of Leaves and read the schizo letters in the appendix and after I watched Martyrs). Something about the deep woods and an old Native American curse causing hallucinations just creeped me out, along with the thought of exhuming a loved one out of desperation.

    With IT and The Shining, I enjoyed those books but felt more like an observer with a bucket of popcorn in hand. Hibernating Alien Clown who preys on our worst fears is a hell of a concept, but that's just way too fantastical to get under my skin. The Shining is closer for me, but I feel like the film was actually much better than the book (which shoehorns in a redemption arc and plays up the supernatural aspects to a point that I found it a little hokey).
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    I remember liking The Shining book a lot but I can’t speculate how I’d feel about it now. You’re probably right about the shoehorned redemption arc being a buzzkill. Also the topiaries coming to life would probably feel a little hokier than when I was 14 or however old.

    The concept of IT wasn’t that scary, no. If I’m remembering correctly that IT had some of the scariest moments for me it’s definitely a piece wise thing rather than an overall thing (I definitely remember rolling my eyes at other points, especially toward the end). Same for the Shining.

    Pet Sematary definitely got me in the feels to a far greater extent and more consistently throughout than any of his other books.

    Pet Sematary had a reference to Salem's Lot in it, which made me think maybe I should finally read Salem's Lot, but then I thought that might make me want to reread The Dark Tower, which would mean having to read the last three books of the Dark Tower, so I decided probably not