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Discussion in 'Tech Heads' started by Maynard, Apr 30, 2018.

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    Looking to get a cheap rig, mainly to fart around on EQ classic server with friends. Doesn't have to be high performance or anything, just fairly decent. Am I better off doing something prebuilt or building my own? Thanks in advance
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    ur best best is to buy a top end gaming rig from 2002ish
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    Pre-built is probably going to be the easiest/safest bet. A lot of times you can find some "aged" prebuilt PC's at a good deal and the retailer will throw funding money at them. I have an HP Omen that's a few years old and just added an 8g video card to it. It's a rocket ship now. I think you can get everything for well under a grand and it will run a whole lot more than Everquest.
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    I mean to respond to this @Maynard - historically, building your own was cheaper, but I know these past several months, between high RAM and really high GPU prices, pre-built has been the way to go in terms of price. The ridiculous price markups for GPU/RAM has not affected the Dells/HPs/Acers as much as retail consumers, so you can get rly good deals still by buying whole systems.

    Some people were actually buying pre-built systems just for the GPU (and selling off the other parts they didn't need).
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    Might check out some sales this weekend, my PC is starting to show it's age and looking at parts they're crazy expensive (plus all the work of putting it together).
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    @Sanaleb GPU prices finally dropping significantly this past few weeks, there's always good prebuilt deals... but one thing I noticed, almost all the geforce 1060 systems are of the 3GB variety which, while not awful, kinda sucks (4gb and 6gb variants are better but still rare because of the cryptocraze).

    It looks like there are some ibuypower systems out there a bit about $1200 for decent systems, but they're still not cheap (compared to earlier last year).

    This one also looks okay, though I'd rather have SSD than the 1TB HDD, you could add that later/separately.
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