Best Pvpers to play on Tallon Zek!

Discussion in 'EverQuest' started by Elphor, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Elphor

    Elphor Guest

    Pretty bored so I guess I will see your guys response's on who you guys think the best pvpers to play on Tallon zek ( by class ):

    My order would have to be :

    Warrior: Kamzan
    Rogue: Clever, was very well skilled even though she had sucky gear
    Monk : Gylen
    Ranger : Kuin
    Paladin : Gunzo
    Shadow Knight : Deloth
    Bard :
    Druid : Darkoan
    Shaman : Bustar ( forgot about that tradeskill whore )
    Mage : Tuis
    Wiz : Lightadam
    Cleric : Darlana
    Necro :
    Enchanter : Mythd

    All the other class's nothing really comes to mind ...
  2. Anarchtz

    Anarchtz TZT Veteran

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    Darlana vs Geeton would be fun although I think it would last 2321232 hours.
  3. derivative

    derivative Still NPCF

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    Cerii was a pretty good bard in pvp.

    There was a PDM ranger, cant remember the name though, Kuin?
  4. Red

    Red TZT Neckbeard

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    Now begins the battle of cydd vs synth for bard top slot.
  5. Skars

    Skars I never troll

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    Skoaldiak's sucked.

    This poll is way too broad tho. Do you mean back in the OLD school era or then the PDM 1/2 era or then the Disconation era or what. I mean I was there regardless but other than that.
  6. Kilinitic

    Kilinitic 6,000 feet beyond man and time

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    me for druid :oldsmile:
  7. Elphor

    Elphor Guest

    When Tallon zek started to the end besically. Kuin was good at pvp forget about him. Cerii sucked.
  8. Xantille

    Xantille TZT Addict

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    Yeah that's still broad as hell. If I had to make a list from PDM1/2 it would probably look like:

    Warrior - Kamzan, for obvious reasons.
    Rogue - Rupurt? lols. I don't know, Tzuten/Tssunami maybe?.
    Monk - Gylen, who took my anal virginity in Nektulos forest
    Ranger - n/a
    Paladin - there were too fucking many, I suppose either Alfrid or Bimli
    ShadowKnight - Asti on Celestine? I don't remember any
    Bard - Synthesize, holla
    Druid - I don't think druids other than Darkoan could hurt me
    Shaman - Grimzar or Kylt
    Mage - Tuis, we used to run the ill covert ops
    Wizard - THURLOC
    Cleric - Azuur or Darlana
    Necro - old Allizan or post-showEQ Linse
    Enchanter - Mythd, hands down
  9. xanontz

    xanontz Juggalo Gang Member

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    Bard: Cron, hands down.
  10. Ivengar

    Ivengar TZT Addict

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    Well my list would favor the old school more than the newbs but here it is:

    Warrior - Kamzan, for obvious reasons.
    Rogue - Quick. (btw Tssunami was a monk.)
    Monk - Gylen
    Ranger - Kuin because he was good AND had the gear but Gideon was bad ass with under lvl gear.
    Paladin - Gunzo
    ShadowKnight - Deloth hands down
    Bard - Cydd
    Druid - the guy cheated like no other but Darkoan was the best.
    Shaman - in the early days Harrazar was king
    Mage - Tuis, great mage and great guy
    Wizard - none, they all could kiss my ass!! Cleric > wizard any day hahaha
    Cleric - Azuur or that DE cleric in PDM... Selphie ? BTW I did make Azuur run away once  :knuppel2:
    Necro -  Linse
    Enchanter - Mythd, hands down.
  11. Kilinitic

    Kilinitic 6,000 feet beyond man and time

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    Everyone agrees Mythd was THE enchanter.
  12. Elphor

    Elphor Guest

    Mythd was the enchanter, kamzan the war , I think tight tie between Gunzo and Alfrid ( I would say Gunzo cause alfrid out geared him ) Gylen because he was first with T staff and I dont think anybody did not fear him.
  13. Rayde-sz

    Rayde-sz TZT Veteran

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    Zhengiest for rogue, Zarion ofr Enchanter, and Stinkiee for Shaman
  14. Rayde-sz

    Rayde-sz TZT Veteran

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    Actually on second thought, noone from TZ could pvp effectively.
  15. Loote

    Loote Pow

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  16. killingergamer

    killingergamer Advanced NPCF

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  17. Anarchtz

    Anarchtz TZT Veteran

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    I could kill every other druid on the server towards the end of course helped i was the topped gear at the time. Helps to be the only pande druid to log in for 3 months.
  18. Nandaan

    Nandaan TZT Journeyman

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    Warrior - Kamzan
    Rogue - Tzuten by far, still remember how he totally owned some rogue that won the overall 1 vs 1 rogue botb at the ToT
    Monk - Gylen, or Tssunami. As far as I remember, tssunami later on played Tzuten, or something right? there was something with those 2 chars? I think it was orig tssunami played tzuten, when he beat that rogue than won the Botb? Sigh I can't remember, I was 15 back then, and only cared for my self :D
    Ranger - Can't remember too many, gonna vote for that female ranger in pdm during pdm 1/2
    Paladin - THat AoTL/Disco pala, Alfrid was alright too.
    ShadowKnight - First botb final was Dunga and Deloth ya? Either of those I guess.
    Bard - Dunno.
    Druid - I guess Darkoan, even though he exploited^^ Erondiel won botb , spamming his dd as far as I recall, didn't think he did well in normal pvp.
    Shaman - Probably Kylt
    Mage - Tuis, was also some DE mage in Circle Noir? forgot name
    Wizard - hmm maybe Lightadam , I can't really remember who was good.
    Cleric - Azuur
    Necro - Allizan (circle noir ya?, or atleast player back then) after that Linse
    Enchanter - Mythd probably, since I could beat all the others.
  19. Castir

    Castir SESP - We run your life.

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    Warrior - Nanak
    Rogue - Drizzlin
    Monk - Terenamu
    Ranger - Aaylil
    Paladin - Caliel
    ShadowKnight - Neshma
    Bard - Fasol
    Druid - Mestema
    Shaman - Cuch
    Mage - Caud
    Wizard - Athrexx
    Cleric - Xerxus
    Necro - Kylvain
    Enchanter - Me

    Wrong server, but we actually won serverwide BotB's, so we're cooler.
  20. Jackpanel

    Jackpanel TZT Abuser

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    Warrior: .... I was a ranger  :knuppel2:
    Rogue: .... I was a ranger  :knuppel2:
    Monk : Gylen
    Ranger : Neolas
    Paladin : Gunzo
    Shadow Knight :
    Bard : elf bard in Indig - can't remember his name.  Started with an S and he wore gold armour
    Druid : Maeddin.  Punched way above his weight class.  Harder to kill than a cockroach.
    Shaman : Bustar
    Mage : Myztikal (probably spelled it wrong)
    Wiz : Can't think of any that really stood out
    Cleric : lots of them
    Necro : Wazu
    Enchanter : Faliell.  I loved PvPing with this guy.