Anyone ever used git-for-large-objects?

Discussion in 'Tech Heads' started by Agrul, Jun 4, 2019.

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    If so, any tips?

    I've been maintaining anything I give a shit about with a Java implementation of git, using an aws bucket as a headless remote repo store. Some of that stuff I give a shit about (arrowdick) consists of pretty big files. So far it's still peanuts ($0.80 / month), but eventually could be quite pricey, so looking into ways I can still use git (git's various text-based tools don't do shit for 3D art, but I love the ability to easily roll back to almost arbitrary version changes, and the consolidated workflow it provides for working locally and then switching to the laptop while wandering around) but not pay Amazon for storing a bazillion TBs of data a few years from now.

    Rlly not even sure what glfs does. Are better compression options available just based on file size? Wouldn't think so. Maybe am wrong. Halp.
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    No idea but I'm interested in anything u learn if u try it or solve ur dillema in other ways.