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  1. Agrul the White
    Agrul the White
    no mortal neckbeard can be like the asian adonis, clubbread. don't set up unrealistic standards of internet beauty pal
  2. Qubhed
    Be more like globally, Agrul.
  3. globally banned
    globally banned
    Mandolorian was overrated
    1. AgelessDrifter
      I feel vindicated
      Jan 28, 2021
      Grandasaur Egg likes this.
    2. Grandasaur Egg
      Grandasaur Egg
      im here for this
      Jan 28, 2021
  4. Agrul the White
    Agrul the White
    banter more like bantha u fukin nerd lololl
  5. Qubhed
    You were supposed to argue with me. Banter, much? Obviously not
  6. Qubhed
    Get off of my secret wars board
  7. Agrul the White
    Agrul the White
    octo i'm abandoning you to ride naavi's dick hard sry pal them muskcoins just too juicy
  8. Octavionn
    Crypto Legend, Hoarder of Chainlink,
  9. Qubhed
    You know in the movies Gandalf became pretty awesome when he came back so if you want to make the gimmick work....
  10. Agrul the White
  11. Agrul the White
  12. Qubhed
    I made it weird, didn't I? Excellent.
  13. Qubhed
    I'm glad we all had a good time guys but this is why we need to talk about boundaries and consent. I never want to cross that line.
  14. globally banned
    globally banned
    That's how I like it
  15. Qubhed
    I came on a little strong
    1. Grandasaur Egg
      Grandasaur Egg
      I came too
      Jan 11, 2021
  16. Agrul
  17. Qubhed
    I'm going to board your shadow chamber. Raw.
  18. Agrul
    you're in our shadow board now
  19. Qubhed
    My shadow board here has become garbage.
  20. Kilinitic
    no u r
    1. Grandasaur Egg
      Dec 31, 2020