Run the Jewels 3

Discussion in 'TZT Music Chamber' started by Sifter, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I think it is less good than RTJ2, but still enjoyable. I still think it's crazy that the famous former TZTer Cydd told me about El P 15 years ago, and now El P is finally a house-hold name in hip-hop because of RTJ.
  2. globally banned

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    cydd was kind of a piece of shit but he did have really good taste in music and did introduce a ton of bands to vae and i
  3. Kilinitic

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    ^ also saw him playing the emulator box a few months ago
  4. vaedaen

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    so weird seeing el p in the mainstream. heard a RTJ3 song in a commercial...

    i actually think each RTJ iteration is better than the previous.