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    Anyone else watch this? On Netflix.

    4 episodes in and I think it's fantastic. I might be a little biased because David Fincher has never made something I didn't like.

    It's dark but fascinating - moreso because it's based on real people & events.

    this guy, for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Kemper

    I'd say it's must-watch if you enjoyed shows like True Detective.
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    i've been avoiding it on netflix bc i didnt see it mentioned as any good anywhere else

    i will try it on your recommendation and reject it when it fails to propose a big bangin' theory
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    Saw the preview a while back and thought it looked good. Didn't realize it was David Fincher. Extra excited now (meaning I may actually get around to watching it)
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    I've seen the whole season. It's awesome. Watching the Ed Kemper interviews in the show then irl is crazy, guy totally nailed it.
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    Now that I just finished ST2 I guess I will give this a try
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    How was it?
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    Mindhunters was really great.

    ST2 was good. Not as good as the first season obviously but definitely worth it.

    Lady Dynamite S2 was pretty good too although I know nobody cares
  8. Harper

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    i liked lady dynamite s2 a lot
  9. Red

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    I thought ST2 was just as good as the first season. It seems like Netflix shows have this pattern of being amazing for 2-3 season and then they just nosedive into the shitter
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    Cool, never paid it any attention, honestly just went "must be some silly psychic crime show" when it popped up. but actually sounds really damn good.

    netflix just doing everything pitched at them lately seems so have kind of just lost the thrill of seeing new stuff from. not a bad thing, they dont have to go "well, we we got X time slots available, so that's all we can do" so they can try a lot more and take more risks, but also went from "ohh, netflix doing a new show!" to "netflix original netflix original netflix original, ehh, guess i'll just watch some archer"

    yea, see that often with lots of shows not just on netflix, always have first few seasons in mind then things get little wonky trying to just recreate that first bit of success and you get more meddling from execs and suits trying to get more involved in stuff they're investing more in and trying to "protect" those investments. Not a rule, but fairly common.
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    Binged it the weekend it came out -- it's pretty great, especially if you're into true crime. If you like the show you might like Robert Ressler's books. He's the basis for one of the two main characters.