Hereditary (movie)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grandasaur Egg, Sep 22, 2018.

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    The new Halloween looks rly good
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    You all really going to let Agrul be the judge of your thread titles?
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    I barely ever watch horror anymore so this will be a break from the rule for me as well, which is why it's taking me so long to get around to

    Did this just hit Netflix or something? It seems to be popping up in conversations around me a lot lately
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    I dunno whether I'll have trouble sleeping (we'll find out soon) but I'm really glad I finally watched this
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    I need to crash -1
    That's my favorite shot in the movie. The subtlety is fantastic. Charlie's death also definitely caught me off guard big-time.

    It reminds me a lot of Rosemary's Baby, except in that movie you basically know roughly what's going on the whole time.

    The rampant misdirection throughout the movie feels maybe (maybe) a little heavy-handed, but I can't say it's not super effective. It's funny, I was just having a conversation with someone about The Babadook earlier yesterday, and their criticism of that movie was basically "yeah, it's good, but like 10 minutes in I was like 'oh, she's schizophrenic' and then I couldn't suspend disbelief anymore."

    Then I spent this whole movie going "well it'd be kinda obvious if she's just schizophrenic. Maybe she and Charlie are both schizophrenic? It'd fit the title. Wait is everyone but the husband schizophrenic?" and then like 2% of brain-power entertaining the possibility that the whole death cult thing was actually real (especially after Charlie died).

    I noticed the ice-breath but just thought it was Charlie in the tree-house, and of course noticed the smiling man at the funeral (who deserves best supporting actor) but thought he was just there as misdirection. I loved all the silently watching cultists implanted throughout all the final scenes but I agree that the decapitated corpse floating into the tree-house was a moment that made me stop and go "wait is this ending actually just really goofy?" I'm not sure how I felt about the final lines of the movie explaining that the boy is Paimon. I feel like the scene could've stood just as well or better without it, or with it buried in the audio like a chanted sermon to the faithful rather than a direct explanation to Paimon.

    Toni Collette sawing her own head off was fucking brutal.

    I loved the combination of the miniatures featured throughout the film with the tilt-shift(esque?) photography of the house throughout the film making the realness of everything ambiguous (although I must admit I'm not sure exactly what the symbolism of the miniatures was, although I can speculate a few possible interpretations).

    The use of audio throughout was really on-point throughout. I think I might rewatch this very soon.
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    Just watched it. They also live in an awesome house... Paimon shit is a rabbit hole... weird movie, noticeably epic acting.