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    Did you guys know that you can add key word searches in Firefox/Chrome for quick look-ups? What do I mean by this?

    Say for example you like to search for stuff on, which means you open the webpage, click on their search bar and type in 'grills' to see a list of grills they offer.

    If you right click the search bar, click on "Add a keyword search for this field" and in the Keyword type in something like amazon or whatever keyword you want to use.

    Now, all you have to do is in your web browsers address bar is type in 'amazon grill' and it'll pull up the same list you did. This can be super useful for sites you search things in a lot, or if you use a lot of internal tools like I do at work.

    With Chrome, it's similar but a bit harder to do. Right click the search bar, click on edit search engines and add a similar keyword and URL to search for the search box you're looking in.
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    In Chrome you can just start typing and hit tab once it starts auto completing you will see the search bar change to "Search" they type your query. You can also set custom search providers, for instance I have my Chrome profile setup so I hit "d" "tab" to search my google drive.
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    ya i've had "a" for amazon for years.

    since chemosh is shilling it though i'm now going to remote it since it's jumped the shark
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    I have no idea what this means
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    I thought this was gonna be about hiding bodies
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    Came here to make a joke about hiding bodies.....Red has it covered.