Bored at work

Discussion in 'Spamalot - nsfw' started by Red, Aug 3, 2017.

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    I'm 40 minutes into The Lost City of Z.

    I thought it was a movie about old time zombies, but I'm beginning to have my doubts.
  2. Red

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    Bleh everything is down at work untill 10 am. All calls voiced and no access to anything. This is how I am gonna look at everyone I encounter tonight because no idea if they are wanted
  3. globally banned

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    arrest everyone, they're probably going to commit crimes eventually
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  4. Agrul

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    they proly alrdy committed crimes & just didnt tell u

    arrest all them fuks
  5. Red

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    Hot from the street update. Juveniles being loud on beach and old people are FURIOUS about it. Redley shows up and kicks a beach ball around for a few minutes and then tells old people to stop being old
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  6. Red

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    Gonna get a complaint in this one pals
  7. Utumno

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    should get a medal
  8. Arogarn

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    Red have you confiscated any herb from any hoodlums lately? Im in Miami.
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