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General Discussion / Re: ur internet privacy
« on: March 13, 2017, 04:22:37 PM »
I don't necessarily buy into market self-regulation (as I believe this to be the primary reason our government is bought and paid for), but the principle is internally consistent.  Libertarians believe that the the markets will self-regulate.  If one company promises not to sell your information, it should give them a competitive advantage in a market where people value privacy.  In a perfect libertarian world, that might be a working strategy.  However, in a world with monopolies that can leverage the power of the government to restrict competition and corner the market, voting along ideological lines is not practical. 

While Rand Paul might be consistent in his ideology, corporations will take advantage of his idealism.  He will never have the power to remove the monopolies.  Therefore, they can get his vote when it benefits them (as long as they mask it in a libertarian ideal), and ignore him when they are looking to quash their competition.  He is either too principled or short-sighted to see this. 

This is one of my fundamental issues with libertarians.  You have to work on the big issues first (welfare, both in individual and corporate forms, break up monopolies, and government overreach), before you can work on deregulating in other areas. 

To extrapolate though, you also have to allow terrible (and preventable) tragedies, like Flint, with no regulation. 

Tech Heads / Re: i finally bought all the stuff for my new PC
« on: March 13, 2017, 04:16:07 PM »
thanks for sharing your struggles with us

Well, I'm a CS grad, but I never wanted to get into coding. I did it to break into the tech field after the dotcom bust. That said, when I finally got into my senior level classes, I did start to think about it.

I had absolutely zero coding back ground going in. It took 3 semesters of barely squeaking by on assignments before the light switch went off. I really liked my courses: 3 semesters C, 1 semester 8086 Assembler, 1 semester Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, 1 semester Java, 1 semester Software Engineering, 1 semester Databases, 1 semester Languages, and 1 semester Operating Systems. If there wasn't the pressure of graduating due to running out of financial aid, I would have liked maybe another semester each of: Java, Software Engineering, and Adv Data Structures. I wished I had more OO experience, and methods, plus SE was about project management too, which has become more of what I do now.

That said, having the CS background as a Systems Engineer (moving toward architect), really paid off. I had to sacrifice almost all of my programming skills, but it also helps understand their challenges better.

General Discussion / Re: Big Milo Getting it from Conservatives Now
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:12:38 PM »
That read like it was written by a guy whose wife wouldn't let him talk to his friends the entire election season, and now had to get it all out at once. 

...and we are all dumber for having to bear witness.

had a baby. same thing.

General Discussion / Re: Big Milo Getting it from Conservatives Now
« on: February 24, 2017, 06:36:32 PM »
I hate Maher's opening and closing comedy bits because they are bad comedy bits, not because they are offensive in any other way.  I think he should stick more to the panel discussions, because that is the strength of the show. 

Milo essentially said that consent laws are NECESSARY because we need some sort of variable (age) in which we can use to generalize when setting laws for the well-being of a large number of people.  To that end, he feels that 18 is an appropriate age for consent.  HOWEVER, since consent laws are based on such generalizations, they don't account for individual variance within the population.  Some 13 year olds may be emotionally and intellectually mature enough to have sex with a 40 year old, and conversely, some 23 year olds may not be emotionally and intellectually mature enough to have sex with a 40 year old.  This is true of not just consent, but law, statement, policy, fact, etc that relies on generalizations.  No reasonable person can argue against the CONTENT of his claims.

So the question becomes: does point out that variance exists within the population serve any purpose other than to normalize behaviour which, in general, carries a high risk of producing negative outcomes?  What is his intent in even bringing this up (aside from trying to be OUTRAGEOUS)?  Is he trying to muddy the waters and make it ok for someone to fuck a 13 year old if they deem that 13 year old to be "ready"?  Or is he trying to reduce the stigma of victimization that follows around young gay men that have been involved in these types of relationships? 

I find the situation interesting because it raises the question of what is the most important element of an idea?  Is it the idea's correctness (Milo's was correct), or is it the intent of expressing and idea or the utility of expressing an idea?

That's how I was automatically taking it - from a "correctness" point of view. I think the left (maybe the right too, I just happen to consume more left leaning stuff) tends to assume the intent is diabolical in most instances, which is weird since they/we bill themselves as the more "openminded" party.

Who knows. My parents were Blue Collar labor-centric Dems, but we NEVER talked about politics at home. So, I began my political life as a registered Republican because I went to an expensive private school, with a majority of more-wealthy-than-us kids, so I picked up their thoughts on everything. I voted down ticket that first post-18 election of '92, but then started getting some college liberalism in me, switched to Independent at some point, and only voted Presidential elections. I think I missed one due to not registering in time. I didn't go full Dem until after W.

With my recent feelings that the standard election fodder for both parties are pillaging the nation, I went Bernie this time. That said, I'm not a true far left guy. I just felt that if the Pubs (and probably Clinton) are going to give the money to Industry - and only the upper tier of that - we might as well get some redistribution in for the people, since we took a bath during the recession. Yeah, I would want single payer right now, but that's only because the alternative being sold by Tea Party Pubs is nothing or vouchers. That's just as terrible as the gutted ACA is. The government shouldn't be in everything, but you sure as shit can't privatize everything either. By very nature the corporation is out to step on necks to win - yes, it can be done differently, but at best you might get a short term benevolent dictator to run it, but once you go public you have certain duties to uphold and will get tossed out if you don't. Do we probably have too much regulation? I'm willing to admit that it's a possibility, but without a realistic rewriting, or rip/replace, removing all regulation is a terrible idea - and we'll never get to a real realistic rewriting of regulations because they attach too much unrelated bullshit to them. Unless everyone goes in with the goal of getting shit done the best way possible, it will never happen. And it looks like, to me, that the Tea Party has forced Pubs to be unable to do that. Any tiny infraction and you're out,so the competition in the aisle, prevents cooperation across the aisle.

I think I've run out of ramble time...

General Discussion / Re: Big Milo Getting it from Conservatives Now
« on: February 24, 2017, 06:04:49 PM »
What is so controversial about how he interviews people, Ssalam?

Are you talking about Joe Rogan?  I didn't say he interviews people controversially.  I said he has a conversational approach to interviewing, so it would be easy to "let your guard down," so to speak.  I like JRE, for the most part.  Joe is a lot like me, to be honest.  He just has more money and fame to do what he wants.  If I could have a dream job, it'd pretty much be what Joe Rogan does (minus the comedy and acting).

gotcha. must have been skimming too fast.

General Discussion / Re: Big Milo Getting it from Conservatives Now
« on: February 24, 2017, 04:00:27 PM »
also, Maher may tend to preach more gun control as a "Blue Guy" but in most of the shows I've seen - and I agree - liberals should probably get over it - America is the gun-nuts country; Maher is even a gun owner. I don't foresee that changing. I hold the premise that if that if we want to hold the 1st Amendment as sacred, we should regard the 2nd as well. I agree that a little regulation on both is OK, i.e. not all speech is protected, and so I think it follows that protecting mentally ill people and prevent violent felon ownership follows that. For the most part, I don't think it's controversial that the reason for #2 is to protect the citizens from an authoritarian government, so it follows we should very careful about what limits we do put on there. I'm think I'm pretty centrist for the most part, though.

General Discussion / Re: Big Milo Getting it from Conservatives Now
« on: February 24, 2017, 03:45:06 PM »
Over the past 3-5 years I have become a weekly watcher of Maher, so I saw the opening interview. I haven't really ever looked at the Overtime stuff though; only so much time I can devote to stuff. Nothing I saw in the opening interview made me think Milo is some Hitler-ite. Agreed with many that he did come off as maybe a little immature, though I think it was more that he doesn't believe all of his own schtick. What I saw reminded of the years I wasted, professionally (though not personally), in a bar and grill kitchen where we would pass the time saying more outrageous shit than the person next to you, as a form of entertainment/comedy. I think he just says the shit he says to amuse himself and has no personal stake it.

Also, I "think" I heard the comment that got people riled up, but the one sentence shit I heard didn't espouse the awesomeness of child rape. It sounded more like an off the cuff jab at the priesthood more than anything - but once again, I didn't specifically search it out, it was a sidebar to whatever I was looking at - probably the Overtime interview.

As for my opinion of Maher, I, as a blue team supporter, tend to really like his show. I think it has maybe shifted my opinions a bit more left, but I do like watching the good (in the sense of informed opinion and/or debate skills) Conservatives come on. Like the last time Grover Norquist was on, I didn't have a problem with most of what was said by him, even though I know I would hate any policy he would enact. Anyway, Maher's belief in more open communication (FREE SPEECH!!!) is one of the reasons I keep watching. Yes, he has talked over other opinions before, which drives me insane, but for the most part it's when the panel is shouting over each other already. Can he be smug? Yup. Don't like that part. You see the same from the Conservative talking heads too; par for the course. If you take new rules to be anything more than a comedy bit, I think you're looking too far into it for something to hate. Hate him for the panel stuff, not the opening and closing comedy bits, unless you're just a crotchety old man.

I finally got a new car in the last year, and recently got a new  phone with decent storage, and have begun consuming the Joe Rogan Experience. I was just wondering if he did an interview with Milo; I'll take a listen after the next one is done. So far, I haven't heard/seen anything controversial, though I've only listened to the Ex-Scientologist Woman, another 2 comedians (Bill Burr and that guy that just got an HBO show, that I didn't like that much), and an ex-CIA guy that I just finished. What is so controversial about how he interviews people, Ssalam?


a carbon tax is reasonable but i'm doubtful the tax will be nearly severe enough, will probably just be used as a flimsy facade while gutting regulation and shit on the planet some more

the tea-party was conservative astroturfing. you arent gonna find many billionaire backers and complicit media moguls to back a left-wing rebellion to anything

I was specifically talking about at the smaller, local levels, where you got your ass primary-ed if you bent from the goal.

I'm all for the fight. Also, take notes on how the Tea Party rose to power. It wouldn't take nearly as much, but when the perception - at least as I see it - is that the DNC is also just as corrupt as the status quo, you've got to shake some sense into them first, to make them realize they aren't representing their base to an acceptable degree anymore. It's either that or a miracle of offering a true 3rd party player. They won't listen to anything else, and the anarchists burning buildings are just hurting the cause.

General Discussion / Re: Senate committee approves DeVos nomination
« on: February 06, 2017, 06:55:40 PM »
"Mr. O’Neill has argued that companies should not have to prove that their drugs work in clinical trials before selling them to consumers."

what the fuck

Tech Heads / Re: New computer
« on: February 06, 2017, 03:11:21 PM »
Of note, that's and NVMe SSD. Much more performant beyond SATA SSDs and usually more expensive. As a boot drive it's awesome. So, if anything, maybe kicking out the 2TB drive and replacing it with a decent SATA SSD (or maybe even even 2 smaller in a RAID0 for your programs).

General Discussion / Re: New Dune Movie?
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:21:24 PM »

Well, I live here in CA in the Bay area.... I'm fairly liberal and I think this is a stooooopid idea on a number of levels.

The only way this could work is via force of arms..... so yeah, stoopid.

Synth's Book Club / Re: neuromancer
« on: January 10, 2017, 05:46:18 PM »
always wanted to read this. let me know how you like it.

Spamalot / Re: I start my new job today
« on: December 28, 2016, 08:02:20 PM »
congrats dude! kick ass at the new gig

Tech Heads / Re: What you guys learnin?
« on: December 16, 2016, 01:46:33 PM »
My new company uses Zoom for videoconferencing and so far I'm highly impressed.

Most vidconf stuff is garbage.  New Skype may be better but it was pretty awful for business last time I used it.

I briefly looked at Zoom. We are currently using BlueJeans, which Zoom looked similar to. Our biggest issue with BlueJeans is that we're trying to shoe horn it into our old methods, using our old systems, that need to get upgraded. There is only one person that can do the upgrades, our Network Team lead. He has been in a similar issue to me, as far as too many responsibilities and not enough staff. Our voicemail (Cisco Unity) broke after we moved the entire company to Office 365.

It was never supposed to work, but by some miracle it was, until the server rebooted; this was going to happen anyway since we moved our datacenter to the west coast this year. It was an unexpected break, 1 month before datacenter move, in November 2015. We still don't have automated corporate voicemail; it gets dumped to the undeliverables mailbox and he has to manually forward each one to the proper recipient.

The Vid Conf system is similarly old, needing an upgrade. Further, we no longer have any dedicated conf rooms on the East Coast. Everyone just expects it to keep working, as is. We are able to do this, but at the coast of an enormous amount of skilled IT labor. It's ridiculous.

In our old system (Polycom room units, Tandberg Management and recording) in order to reserve a room and have everything work automagically, you had to make sure to invite the room "as a resource" in Outlook. You could also not book beyond 100 meeting in the future, even though Outlook allowed you to. Everyone fucked those up on a regular basis, causing way more IT involvement than necessary. Plus, since you don't find out that a meeting is fucked up until the second the meeting starts, it became a walk-up "emergency" for us. If you can't tell, I fucking hate Conferencing support. Anyway, the benefit of using SfB, is that it integrates into Office 2016 in Windows and Mac, the room reservation has no bearing on the meeting kicking off, and they can schedule them whenever and where ever they want, without submitting a helpdesk ticket. That's my goal here.

Tech Heads / Re: What you guys learnin?
« on: December 14, 2016, 04:38:51 PM »
We lost the only other senior windows admin, like myself, this year. I inherited all of his projects: Brand new Office 365 transition, still in hybrid, and brand new email filtering solution on top of that. I am now 100% responsible for all Enterprise apps: Deltek (Financials) + Unanet (Cloud-based. Supposed to be a replacement that they didn't talk to IT about, didn't do their due diligence, then found out it can't be a full replacement!), ADP Cloud service transition, then manage users/permissions, Xerox DocuShare instance that I didn't help setup and everyone has left who did, Exchange 2007/2010/O365 in hybrid, the main MS SQL Server running all our DBs + 1-2 extra running validation apps, Enterprise Antivirus (SEP), Enterprise config management (Altiris, that I am finally trying to upgrade - again), IT HelpDesk that I am looking to replace with a cloud solution (FreshService), all Mac infrastructure (eventually to be managed by Altiris), researching our remote control tool replacement, and finally, overseeing a team of 2 - soon to be 3 - support Admins. Oh, also our VMware deployment: 5 node cluster for production and validation, 2 node cluster for DMZ, and 5 node cluster for VDI; plus a host here and there at satellite sites. No one - maybe on purpose - had run a cost analysis on VDI. I plan to kill it in the next 12-24mo as our NetApp backend is coming up for support soon (same time line). I may also kill off VMware in favor of Hyper-V since we will already be licensed for the hosts (this also hadn't been done since we went virtual - thank god we never got audited) and the load is slowly shrinking as we kill off old apps.

Also, just because I am a glutton, we waste something like 30% of one of my support admins on video conferencing support. For that and other reasons, I have been in the Skype for Business beta and will be testing their Cloud PBX solution starting in January in an effort to get off Cisco Call Manager and Polycom Video Conferencing. Also, after my O365 training this year, I was approached with a request to leverage our SharePoint Online subscription, so I am studying that at the moment, because the requesters are sitting on a very large grant we just got and need an externally available collaboration tool. I hope to parlay that into a replacement for DocuShare, because I despise the 3rd party we go through for support/anything.

The good news, while I was just promoted this year to Manager, in March, I was promoted again to Senior Manager of IT (with talk of Director in a year or two), so have radically increased my salary this year; plus a few extra days off. I have also already been doing 75% of this work since I saw this day coming a few years ago, so I am used to it. Once I can completely hand off config management, antivirus, and remote control to the lower admins I can forget about those annoyances for good, then I can tackle the infrastructure projects that need to get done, badly.

General Discussion / Re: Sex Ed in Norway (NSFW)
« on: December 09, 2016, 01:58:53 PM »
It's really dofficult for me to imagine what it would be like to have grown up this way. Like I doubt it's a bad thing in any way whatsoever--and most likely on the contrary--but it's so far removed from my experience that I just can't really imagine it


General Discussion / Move over Nintendo - Sega Genesis is back
« on: November 08, 2016, 01:52:45 PM »

The Sega Genesis is officially back in production
Mike Wehner —
Nov 7 at 3:01PM | Last updated Nov 7 at 3:01PM
sega controller

Photo via amrufm (CC-BY)
These are the real deal.

Sega may be done making the Genesis (known as the Mega Drive outside of the U.S.), but that doesn't mean people aren't still buying them. In Brazil, the 16-bit system is still hugely popular, and now it's being brought back into production.


TecToy, which produces all manner of gadgets and toys, has launched preorders for all-new Sega Mega Drive stock, complete with support for the original game library and controllers. But what's even more astounding about the announcement is that it's all being done with Sega's blessing, making these official, brand new, Sega-branded consoles.

The new consoles are spitting images of the originals, aside from the addition of an SD card slot, which makes it great for emulation. They're even complete with support for A/V cables, though there's no HDMI or other bells or whistles. That might seem like a bad move, but for the Brazilian market, it's a perfect fit, not to mention that you can easily pick up an A/V-to-HDMI converter for fairly cheap.

22 games are included on the SD card:

    SONIC 3
    TURBO Outrun

Pre-orders for the system are currently priced at BRL399, which is roughly $125 in U.S. currency. It's not cheap, but the nostalgia factor of an in-production 16-bit Sega console cannot be understated.

H/T Geek

Testing Forum / Re: Testing new sig
« on: November 02, 2016, 11:45:18 PM »
we all see what you have it set to. working as intended.

Testing Forum / Re: Testing new sig
« on: October 25, 2016, 04:10:52 PM »
we all see what you have it set to. working as intended.

never used one, sorry. good luck.

What I don't understand in all this is why all the local DNS caches lost their entries for the DDoSed DYN name servers. I would think that if they didn't get a reply they would still retain their record. I guess the problem here is that the DNS system makes no distinction between refreshing a service IP and checking if the service is permanently removed. It just sends requests and always interprets a reply as the former, and no reply as the latter? The latter should require the service not responding for a week straight or something. That would remove the incentive to DDoS centralized name servers by quite a bit.  EDIT: Although I'm not entirely sure how these services were set up. I assume it was .com->DYN->company->etc. That way even DNS-based load balancing should still work, unless DYN could and did that too.

DNS is a pyramid. (Potentially) One pyramid internal to your organization and one external. Your suggestion of a week is unreasonable due to the height and breadth of that external pyramid. We basically all use the same DNS. For instance, I just recently moved our company from using ADFS to OneLogin for our Office 365 federation; you don't need to know what means, other than a configuration/service change from something on my network, to one on someone else's. That change requires DNS records to update. While that change gets updated across DNS, you can't receive your email; it gets delivered to your mailbox, but Office 365 will not be able to authenticate you. Your suggestion would mean it would take at minimum a week for that change. In actuality, it could take months depending on your ISP, and who they use, and who that person uses, etc.

Not that what ya'll're saying isn't interesting, but to me just the fact that there's some state backed party out there a) with an active interest in knocking out our net infrastructure (which clearly could only last for a short window of time, raising the question of exactly what they'd be hoping to get done inside that window of opportunity) and b) clearly not concerned about the blowback from what, if it were a more traditional, physical bit of infrastructure, would reasonably be seen as an act of war, is concerning to me even if this particular outage is not that alarming. It's not an isolated incident, if the other article I mentioned is yo be believed; just a sligt escalation of prodding that's been continuously escalating for some time

From this, I still don't think you understand what occurred, though you could certainly argue the methods used could be more directly applied, to mean what it sounds like you mean.

By way of explanation, DNS (Domain Name System) is a support service. It links a site's IP address - which they all have to have - with a human readable name. If you just so happened to know the IP address of all the sites listed, you could have still loaded their pages the whole time. This is why there's a Dark Internet. If you don't use DNS it's hard to find, though not impossible.

I am not a DNS expert, to be able to comment too heavily, but by it's very nature DNS has to be a very open system. It's not something owned by one nation. You can try to secure it, to prevent spoofing, but you can't firewall it, so it will always be open to DDoS. It's actually one of the questions I ask in IT interviews, though a bit obliquely:

"What do you think is the most important network service and why?"

Any answer backed up with a decent argument is fine, and if they ask questions I try to lead them there, to see how much they know, but it does tell a more seasoned tech from a newer tech depending on role, if they answer with DNS. If your DNS tanks and you're just a systems guy, you're probably useless. Only the Network guys, or Senior Admins can get around at that point.

Spamalot / Re: Describe ur last fart using a movie title
« on: October 19, 2016, 11:46:08 PM »
a few good men

Spamalot / Re: HOTEL RWANDA
« on: October 19, 2016, 11:45:35 PM »
that was more pooty tang than chuck norris

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