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Spamalot / do i call cops or something
« on: December 16, 2014, 04:05:45 PM »
adopted brother calls me last night, tells me he wants to kill my whole family (he means mom, dad, me, brothers) and he's glad my brother is dead but wishes it was by his hand (he also said he loved me despite hating me because he can't hate me, i'm too good to him despite himself, he knows it). i know he's just lashing out in his pain and misery, he was too cowardly to even come around after our brother shot himself. . anyhow, im not much to talk when it comes to violence so i hate threatening people, but i also do not want to end up shooting my brother for coming close to me or mine.

what do? I have zero interest in talking to him, i seriously would prefer to not kill him. that might be best for the whole family, but he has a good chance of dying violently no matter what.

he also called my sister but she won't talk to him. oh he's also mad at me bc i wouldn't let him stay at my place and left him on the street which is true, but the last time he stayed here he was so weird and aggro i had to call the cops after he took a couples swipes at me. lucky even then i didn't drink much around him, but come on i'm not going to get in a fistfight with my brother in the same house as my kids, i grew up around all that kind of shit its terrifying when adults fight.

anyhow do i take these drunken threats seriously? he wasn't blackout drunk he was just brave enough to drunk dial me from Tennessee but he does come to Alaska, and has a pretty extensive history of violence (mostly with women) and as most of you well know its super easy to get firearms in america. nothing gives a coward bigger balls than a handgun.

Spamalot / Going to see a movie
« on: December 12, 2014, 04:09:09 PM »
Going on a date, what movie should I see? I guess we, the girl I'm taking on a date is my wife.

Spamalot / Is this me sometimes?
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:40:37 PM »
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

Spamalot / part 2
« on: December 06, 2014, 02:28:32 PM »
You'll have to forgive me for the messiness of my ideas, many of them are kicking around in word documents but honestly most of this has all been in my head. I feel like I have most of an alternate philosophical base upon which to build the human world, and it's not that radical (to me). I am attempting to work this all out, and to frame the whole philosophy in human political terms, but also in poetic religious terms.

I guess we don't have to even answer the bigger fundamental philosophical questions to start getting into the meat of the kind of revolutionary change that will stick. Instead of wasting too much time on recent attempts at revolution we should instead look at them as signals that the time is ripe for the right one. We also should not waste our time decrying ideologies that are incorrect, as all ideologies will shrink before the one we create pals.

So, we'll skip to what end for now, although that is an important question.

What is reasonable to expect from human beings? Implicit within this idea is some serious change, but that will also mean serious change in our own lives.

The most important and lasting change will be a change in worldview or philosophy, and this is of course the hardest change to affect. We can change laws, we can change parties but how do we ensure that ALL LAW, and ALL POLITICIANS owe allegiance to a basic philosophy? (not necessarily one that everyone agrees to, horses don't need to drink, we just need them to come along)

Yes, one ring to rule them all. This is what we are going for right? We know its possible, its been done in the past. People are trying to do it now, and none are successful. Who among us would claim to be able to lead such a rabble, who would want to?

I guess regardless this leads to the general idea. The first, and very first thing that you do when you want to start an old fashioned revolution is to know what we want to change. This is a tall order though, when it comes to the world we live in now --- we have any number of things we would like to see change. It is probably exceedingly obvious, but at the root of much of our problems is I think too much focus on the individual, which is not a bad thing inherently but tragedy of the commons etc. etc. make it clear that individualism should not be the sole driver behind any sort of ideology of philosophy. It is important though, but again we don't really need to get into it too much at this point, I have a pretty good idea of what I want and I don't think when it comes to brass tacks none of y'all would disagree with me too fundamentally. 

God damnit the revolution part is easy, especially when people are not content, I guess maybe the question To What End perhaps does need to be answered before we move forward -- but know this:

Once we know what we want, the road to revolution is wide, but it is covered with blood.

Spamalot / Here Be Sadness
« on: December 02, 2014, 09:42:13 PM »
Or Lessons

I feel like I act pretty normal still.

Because this is normal, post-traumatic experiences they become normal. This is my normal, nawmean?

That I think is why we like to be around our own, and I don't mean that in any way to exclude you guys I talk about this with you, to you, you are part of my audience when I write these. My weird sad discourses. I know many of you also have some sadness, and probably deeper than my own and maybe even some of you have none to speak of, and I think that is also sad in a way. I do believe that you learn lessons from all this stuff, I do I really do.

I knew this sadness before, I remember when my mom told me my cousin killed himself, I tried to go on with my plans and went to a house party only to end up wasted crying on the sidewalk outside the house, that was in Seattle. Thousands of miles away the sadness that must have been in his family's house traveled to me, its genetic match and I had no choice but to give in to it.

I knew this sadness from my friends in the military, you know us homies got problems with suicide as well, as many of you on this board know that personally and I'm sorry. We lost dudes to suicide there too, our goofy mechanic, kid had been to Afghanistan and he was with me in Iraq, and many other fine places. Shot himself with a flat black AR, looked a lot like the ones we were issued. Oh his mom.

Yeah I knew this sadness before. I knew it from countless emergencies dealing with suicidal family members so much that when my dad asked me why we didn't tell him my brother was suicidal I didn't know how to explain that we all are. I don't even mean that in some romantic notion either, killing yourself is ugly business but sometimes I just DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE. It's some shared experience, in seeing the same cut marks all over our bodies and that we share similar scars.

King Geedorah - I Wonder

I knew it from way before, this sadness. I knew it from spending all night with my brother who had swallowed a bottle of pills. They told us he might not make it through the night, and I volunteered to stay with him and everyone else go home. It was my responsibility, I am the oldest. I sat with him all night, his face was so contorted I began to question if I was in the right room.

Then again with the pills my girl cousin, and again with my niece and they all lived. There was some happiness there, but let me tell you it was tinged with this sadness.

Yeah I knew this lesson pretty well, I sat in the same room he killed himself in with a gun in my mouth, you remember that? It was the same damn room. I took a girls virginity in there, I engaged my dad in combat there, I jerked off in that room. I also nearly killed myself in that room. Yeah you remember I researched and researched and wrote and cried and published that suicide article? Did you know I won best editorial all media for my whole state for it? I tore up the award, do you know how stupid I feel?

At this point my intimacy with this sadness is almost too much to bear sometimes. I have no memories of my brother outside that room it seems like. It feels like the place where my brother is supposed to be is banner reading "Here Be Sadness". I remember the room though, man as long as I live I'll never forget that room. Ahhh my grief is strong but I won't even traumatize you with that story to assuage it.

Yeah fuck I knew this sadness before. I knew this lesson before, I didn't need to be taught this one again. I protest:

It was too much!

General Disconation / Nuka system (socialized healthcare)
« on: December 02, 2014, 02:52:26 PM »
This is us:

The Alaska-based Nuka system of health care is an alternative approach to clinical practice that is drawing attention as a possible model for other states, and perhaps other nations. I was fortunate to participate in a recent meeting in Anchorage that discussed the Southcentral Foundation’s health care transformation efforts – and introduced Nuka to persons from hospitals and clinics across the U.S. and some other countries.

Nuka is an Alaska Native word that means a strong, living, and large structure. Anchorage’s Southcentral Foundation applies the term Nuka to describe a system of caring for patients (and the community of Alaska Natives Southcentral serves) that prioritizes achieving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

While other health care systems espouse similar wellness goals, Donald Berwick M.D., the recently departed director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) [who attended the meeting], described the Nuka approach as unique and a role model.

What strikes you immediately are Nuka’s and Southcentral’s emphases on a team approach to health care, helping patients improve their quality of life, and a sincere effort to build personal relationships among providers, staff, patients, and the surrounding community. 

Incidentally, the Southcentral Foundation calls patients ‘customer owners’ because Southcentral works exclusively for Alaska Natives, who provide extensive advisory roles in the hospital and clinic’s management and policies. The Southcentral Foundation assumed the clinical responsibilities of the Indian Health Service under the Indian Self-determination Act about three decades ago.

Since that time, Southcentral has revitalized what it means to be in a medical clinic for a checkup or routine care. For example, the first Nuka-related surprise occurs when a patient (or visitor) expects to enter a physician’s office for a routine clinic appointment -- and instead meets a team of four persons who sit together in an open area.

That’s right – there are no physician’s offices, no nurse’s stations in the clinic. The team who helps you (and whom you are encouraged to know) includes a primary care physician, a doctor’s assistant (who administers some clinical tests during your visit), a nurse (who arranges further care and provides medical instructions), and a person who helps you coordinate future appointments and navigate your way through the medical center. The team’s four members take pride in their ability to work together. Physicians can use a private examination room to treat patients.

If you need to see a specialist, such as a nutritionist, psychologist, or pharmacist, these providers rotate throughout the clinic teams. Other medical specialists, such as cardiologists, are available on referral the same day — within another area of the medical center. Incidentally, the clinical options include Native Alaskan traditional healing, which is available at a person’s request and encouraged as a compliment to western medical treatment.

Have I got your attention? How many clinics linked to a hospital do you know that have a similar approach and level of staff coordination?

Moreover, Nuka’s teams are encouraged to screen patients to enhance their quality of life — in addition to responding to their physical condition. So, Nuka’s screening may include physical fitness, nutrition habits, family and personal relationships, and what is often perceived as social work issues (such as housing quality and access to transportation). In other words, the team is encouraged to react to someone’s needs and boost his or her quality of life parallel to traditional clinical interventions.

Nuka and Southcentral also perceive wellness as individual, family, and community-based. So, the clinics and medical center encourage exercise programs for persons of all ages, and provide community-based counseling to counter ongoing health challenges such as: obesity, alcoholism, drug abuse, abusive family interactions, and learning how to buy and cook nutritious foods.

All of this is based on extensive efforts to train every Southcentral employee how to communicate well with others and how to share stories about one’s personal character and life journey. One of Nuka’s core discoveries is staff members who know each other well function optimally — and understand the importance (and will take the time) to try to know their patients. Southcentral’s employee and patient satisfaction are well above national averages. Southcentral won the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in 2011.

In a talk during the meeting Dr. Berwick said (and I quote): ‘this is the cutting edge health care system in the U.S.’ (end of quote). Berwick added Southcentral and Nuka were a source of inspiration that influenced CMS’ recent investment in Oregon to encourage a statewide approach to wellness and health care that may serve as a future, national model. Since the Oregon health care experiment has yet to be fully implemented, it is premature to report how well the Southcentral/Nuka model works if adopted within a more diverse patient population in another state.

However, more than 100 participants interested in applying the principles and some specific aspects of Nuka care attended the meeting, including several administrators and physicians from U.S. Veterans Administration medical centers, a multisite federally qualified health clinic in New York City, officers from state departments of health, and a delegation from one of the largest hospitals in Singapore. I was told recent attendees included medical officials from several other nations.

Overall, it was inspiring to watch as medical professionals learned about  and tried to embrace a fresh approach to providing care and rethink their primary responsibilities to patients and surrounding communities.

I should add Katherine Gottlieb, the Southcentral Foundation’s chief executive officer, is a member of NLM’s Board of Regents. I thank her for helping me begin to understand the extent of Southcentral’s transformative efforts – and I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. You can read more about Nuka at:

Katherine is a nutcase, but she seems to know what she is doing.

General Disconation / Get Free
« on: December 02, 2014, 02:37:20 PM »
Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors

This is another song that gets me incredibly sad. First time I heard it I was pretty deep in my anti-racism work, it really struck a chord with me, maybe I even posted about it. I cried and cried, I guess it was around there I stopped giving a shit what white folks in particular thought with regards to race, I do not give a fuck what individual whites think about race, I just don't want them to have all the power anymore. Anyhow this was the anthem to that change, and today I listen to it again but with new ears and really just identify with the song.

Never got love from a government man
Heading downstream till the levee give in
What can I do to get the money
We ain’t got the money, we ain’t gettin out

Heading downstream till the levee gives in
And my dreams are wearin thin
All I needs relief
I need, I need some sympathy

Look at me
I just can’t believe
What they’ve done to me
We could never get free
I just wanna be
I just wanna...

Look at me
I just can’t believe
What they’ve done to me
We could never get free
I just wanna be
I just wanna dream

All of my life been wadin in
water so deep now we got to swim
Wonder will it ever end
How long how long till we have a friend

Comin down feelin like a battery hen
Waves won’t break till the tide comes in
What will I do in the sunrise what will I do without my dreams?

Look at me
I just can’t believe
What they’ve done to me
We could never get free
I just wanna be
I just wanna dream

We’re all together in the same boat
I know you, you know me, baby
you know me

We’re all together in the same boat
I know you, you know me, baby
you know me

I Just wanna dream
I Just wanna dream
I Just wanna dream
Baby, you know me

I do wonder sometimes if we'll ever get free.

Spamalot / Spamalot secret santa
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:49:15 AM »
u can invite other cool ppl who don't read spamalot but i was thinking maybe we could do a secret santa with books and shit, from amazon

but i never done one of these, how do you decide who gets who? and what if i get someone lame?

General Disconation / can we introduce quotas for women
« on: November 27, 2014, 01:08:33 PM »
can we get some? not to disparage the ones we have or anything.

Spamalot / not to mention that i am posting
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:47:41 PM »
while medding in EverQuest grouped with Mern, and Harper.

Spamalot / I will win
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:46:27 PM »
because I wasn't trying to make into the top 10 of thread creation, plus my postcount to postmaking ratio is impeccable.

General Disconation / Post for Ssalam
« on: November 26, 2014, 06:15:27 PM »
who mostly posts from work. Spamalot is my home, as I am a knight. But I shall come post among the commoners so you can peruse something new from work. So what is there interesting to talk about? How about this, the bible reads so much better when you don't believe in God. What a document, such a very human document.

Spamalot / This sums up how I feel posting sometimes
« on: November 25, 2014, 07:36:58 PM »
The beginning scene right until the cannon ball shot.

Spamalot / dear skars
« on: November 25, 2014, 06:28:04 PM »
go fuck yourself  :angel:

Spamalot / ned post
« on: November 25, 2014, 06:27:39 PM »
ned to mak post

usurp throne

Spamalot / Definitions
« on: November 25, 2014, 04:23:34 PM »
I gave some in another thread, just kind of off the cuff definitions of what I mean when I write about God for instance. I hope by now you know that I don't believe in God as true believers do. I guess more than anything else I can appreciate the kind of power true believers have, because they believe together. God is as real as they make him, but that is not the point of this post. I have many definitions for God and I almost never want to explain them, you should know by context which one I refer to. Ellam Yua

I feel like I have this entire world and philosophy worked out in my head.

I have also come to appreciate this particular style of writing, the post.

You are my audience, my target is humanity but what better place for a divine peer review. A collection of fucking i don't know know upper middle class whites of varying middle age and what a bunch of fucking disgusting plebeians most of you are. Whatever kind of arrogance I can muster, it is always tempered by the fact that I am nothing without you, my fellow humans.

So, I don't know how to begin because perhaps you don't know who I am despite all that we share.

Maybe there?

Do you know me TZT and is it important? I know you, perhaps better than some of you know yourselves. I say that with complete confidence because I am aware of myself at least a little bit.  I know my shortcomings as I know yours.

Anyhow, I'm sure you have noticed my fondness for the word anyhow. I'm afraid it is a necessity for me so ANYHOW

on with the story

General Disconation / Waiting on my wife
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:58:38 PM »
to get off work, what do TZT?

Do I relax and play some EverQuest tonight? I'm thinking it is high time for some good old comfort gaming.

I have stuff I could be doing, but idk how productive I will be in my current mood. Do you guys indulge your moods?

current mood: LFG

Spamalot / posting is an art
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:01:22 PM »
title: Embracing Your Inner God
medium: post

I have been thinking about the nature of posting, particularly posting as a medium. Tallon Zek is my audience, posting is my medium.

A triumph of style, really.

Spamalot / You gentlemen know I am going to claim the title
« on: November 23, 2014, 03:06:20 PM »
Of most threads created eventually. I am a randian posting hero.

General Disconation / When a boy writes off the world
« on: November 23, 2014, 02:42:18 PM »
it's done in sloppy misspelled words.

Non-Prophets - The Cure

multimedia art, done in the posting style.

Sometimes I feel like I'm searching for a cure. Can you hear me love?

Do you guys feel like death and killing is masculine? I don't mean that in the dumb sense of killing is manly. I mean that is death masculine? birth feels feminine for obvious reasons.

Melancholy beginnings to this fine Sunday. I introduced my brother to this music, he loved it.

Did you know two of my other brothers played EverQuest? Idaru of course many of you know, and Nevur Faded a bard.

Spamalot / Part 1
« on: November 22, 2014, 01:36:21 PM »
This is the part where we ask

To What End

The peculiar capitalization is only to indicate just how important the question is.

To what end? This is the question before us.

To What End?

I don't actually have a good answer to this one, to stabilize the universe? To ensure this Question floats across computer screens for eternity?

Is an end different than a purpose?

Purpose is a funny thing, you see its a human construct. Like all human constructs though it has power.

All human constructs have potential and power. They are however predicated on our existence. So to some degree God and the Constitution (or perhaps we should speak of the great mediocre beast it created) they are all as dependent on food and water as we are. So again, I ask To What End?

Will you give me some hippy bullshit about making life better for everyone? I got news for you, I care about TZT only because I know you cocksuckers not because I have some great love for individual  humanity. Which I already feel the need to clarify because I love humans dearly, how could I not?

I don't even know if I get a choice, I am alive and that feels to me like a choice. Isn't it weird that I think about death so much, I have seen and experienced so much of in my life but why does it just now feel like a choice? Am I really alive now? Digressions seem to be a specialty of ours but perhaps for the first part I should endeavor to explain the end, unless one of you hail and hearty fellows has a different end in mind. 

Do not fret pals, the beginnings are merely a time to ensure that the plan moving forward is without as much flaw as possible. Can a philosophy maintain its integrity from culture to culture? I believe it can, I have to otherwise I am not Yup'ik. I lack the most important characteristic of a Yup'ik, I cannot speak the language.

General Disconation / alluding to allusions
« on: November 19, 2014, 02:06:54 PM »
Is Russell Brand doing it? How about The Ill Mind of Hopsin?

Will electing Elizabeth Warren do what we hoped Obama has not?

I don't think a black man could do it, at least not now. It is of course not that black people are incapable, it is America herself that is fighting this current. I was reading this great book of quotes and one talked about just letting go and floating in that current.

Do you know what current I speak of?

It is just off the coast,  we are pretty sure we know where it goes. We are going.

Of course I am also alluding of the ever present molotov. I only say ever present because for some of you I know it is always an option and that is good. It is always an option.

Do not throw them in the current! This conversation is a "yes, and" as opposed to the "yes, but". (watch this if you don't know what I refer to)

The problem is every time I sit down to write this post I stop, I'll probably hit enter this time. The question before us is not how we foment revolution, that is the easy part.

The most effective molotovs are ideas. The real question is if we succeed what is it exactly do we want? (please be assured, molotovs will be thrown because I am not sure we can stop it)

I know what I want, or at least an approximation.

So I'm going to butcher this story but its a good one and I hope that this does a better job of kicking off some ideas within TZT, if I am going to waste my time here (and it looks like I am) then I should perhaps enlist y'all. As Tobin says The Gifts of the Almighty are weighed and parceled out in a scale peculiar to himself. That being the case, I have a fair amount of the kinds of gifts that God bestows upon men. I am a charming motherfucker and I happen to have lots of life experience, I am well educated, my brain work good and I am apparently crazy enough that I can't get these thoughts out of my head. But I cannot go it alone, I don't have all the gifts.

A world is supported by four things ... the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing ... without a ruler who knows the art of ruling. Make that the science of your tradition! O h reverend mother!

I can
re out the

of it

The science of my tradition, there is a science to it. You think we lived here without learning the lessons of God ? We know them too well.

Does the prophet see the future or does he see a line of weakness, a fault or cleavage that he may shatter with words or decisions as a diamond-cutter shatters his gem with a blow of a knife? My Princess I know precisely what you mean.

Minor prophets can see the future, we can all engage in minor prophecy. Given enough information we can tell you what is likely to happen. I am no minor prophet pals,

the Major Prophet what does he see? A possibility. The Major Prophet wills.

So the Story:

Among the people of the Pacific Islands were navigators. Men who could read the weather, read the ocean and read the currents. Many of them died out with colonization and the aftereffect, navigation became somewhat of a lost art. They resurrected these traditions. An elder from Tahiti was teaching this art, to a young man. He taught him everything, and they planned a long trip to Tahiti from Hawai'i. Tahiti being an island this untested navigator had never seen.

The navigator is an important position on the open ocean, this is the man who decides the directions, what currents to follow and where. If the navigator fails, then all is lost. Many boats have been lost to history this way, all across the world.

The teacher asks the apprentice to go over the route. Asks him to explain how to get to Tahiti. The apprentice obliges, displaying his mastery of reading the skies, and reading the water. Tells him in great detail how he is going to reach his destination. At the end of his story the master tells him "OK good, can you see the island?"

The apprentice knew this was an important question, but he did not know why. He did not want to disappoint his teacher but he also did not want to lie.

"No I cannot"

At this answer the master replied it was good enough for that day. For a time after this the master started asking him to recite his star chart or whatever its called, and explain to him again how to get there. He of course obliged, but knew the question was coming and knew he still didn't have the answer to it.

"but do you see the island?"

He did not, he began to question whether his teacher believed he was capable of leading his crew on this journey. He began to question himself, he became unsure of his knowledge and began questioning whether he was good enough to lead them on this voyage. Still he kept on, and kept showing up and his teacher would periodically make him go over the route and ask the same question. But it was eating away at him.

One day going over the route with his master, he could see the island in his minds eye. He could see the destination, he told his master as much.

The master said

"This is good, on your journey it will not go perfectly. Some nights you cannot see the stars, you may encounter storms and weather. You will be blown off course, you will lose hope. If you forget your destination all is lost, always hold it in your heart and know that you will reach it."

I can see the island that is my destination, I hold it in my heart. Remember the great ship I alluded to in my poem on leadership? Of course that is us, humanity the great ship.

To captain this ship will tear you apart, if you attempt to turn the rudder your handle will be smashed to bits and your bones will be crushed. It can be piloted, sometimes the course corrections happen after you die.

Anyhow too much typing, I'm just gonna eat some breakfast. I did butcher that story a bit but I hope the gist reached you, I am still working out the poetry of all this.

Spamalot / I have a confession
« on: November 14, 2014, 04:26:52 PM »
I'm a little bit in love, in a really sad way with white people. Particularly the old white ones, the Republicans and such. I don't think that I hate any of them, which isn't to say that I would not wage war against them. Man I can't hate them, I just don't. I also don't hate Democrats, but since its their company I keep I probably actually hate them a little bit more than the Republicans. I feel like I have a good understanding of where most Republicans stand, and you get comfortable with the hostility but it does not permit you to be friends in a sense.

This fucking playlist lmao

Radiohead - Creep

Got me thinking about wars, and fighting and the young kids who are just kids who listened to dumb music like this. I almost wish America fought wars just for some deluded sense of justice. I think we could reconcile that if we had the latitude. I bet some of you would go fight in a war if we had good reasons. There are good reasons to fight, but there are also much better ways of going about getting your way if it can be helped.

I would go still, if it I really believed it meant a better future. Anyhow so all this nervous energy of white folks, I had some inklings earlier. I know one of them was the idea that the bureaucracy is probably a lot more stable than our political system. Even as our government goes through these fluctuations the bureaucracy is composed of less politically motivated people, yes certainly the heads of these organizations can change and like the idiot being assigned to the environment committee  but the people doing environment science, and gathering all this data will not be replaced by an army of idiot Republicans. I think Jong said some neat shit in the other thread about how important the china/us thing was, we are making progress I think.

hell i ain't even that worried about the presidential election in 2016 or any of the rest of them for that matter. i hope a democrat wins and perhaps we can keep this ship running while it makes a course correction. besides all that you god damn fools even if a Republican wins in 2016 do you think we would get the revolution we want if Democrats were in charge? lol.

Nah, we got this. We will ride them like WORMS

Dune (8/9) Movie CLIP - Riding the Sandworm (1984) HD

General Disconation / to post in here
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:10:41 PM »
well this one is the easiest of all to post in, however beware of casting pearls before swine. you toss these pigs pellets of corn. pearls belong in other places.

Spamalot / how to post?
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:06:52 PM »

Spamalot / Mostly to Jong
« on: November 12, 2014, 11:52:33 AM »
I really enjoyed listening to this again. Was listening to it yesterday and crying but in a good wayish. My bro was really into music, played guitar and sang karaoke with passion (I made fun of him for the latter). I was just thinking if it was me who done did it, or one of my other brothers I know music would be one way he would process it.

fucking retard.

Mm.. Food

Spamalot / google Winter music
« on: November 11, 2014, 06:25:45 PM »
and got pretty much what I expected

The fox in the snow - Belle and Sebastian

Spamalot / the title in my GD thread
« on: November 11, 2014, 05:05:14 PM »
Looks like "I'm leaving the board" which is pretty clickbaity if you ask me. It wasn't on purpose.

Fuck I'm trying to write this story I'll actually get paid for and I just wanna play some EverQuest. Oh well

Spamalot / of all the dumb assholes
« on: November 11, 2014, 02:26:50 PM »
you are currently the dumbest Qubhed. But we love you anyhow assuming you didn't follow through and shoot yourself in the head. If you did btw, you are a dumb asshole and I mean that. Because someone has to clean up that mess and in the case of my brother it was me. Two friends (who both actually played EverQuest, Nishi and Acreal) helped me scrub my brothers brains from the ceiling and walls and I still have a bag of skull chunks because I could not in my grief bear to throw those away. Anyways, I hope you shoot yourself in the head while throwing yourself in a river or something so at least no one has to clean up the mess and even if its not a family member i can tell you its not a job anyone wants to do. inconsiderate fuck

anyways i hope you enjoyed the louis ck skit, because thats you chubby. louis ck isn't a good looking man by any standard, but we love him. god damn ginger bearded, pink human being. he
s not even white, he's pink. he's dumpy, but god damn he's smart and funny and i guarantee you louis ck has turned down more pussy than probably your entire family for the last thirty generations has even seen.

nigga doesn't get some pussy and gets all crazy when he has a weeks vacation. you are a moron

General Disconation / I'm leaving the board of an anti-racist organization
« on: November 11, 2014, 12:25:18 PM »
It's not that I don't care, I'm just tired. I do believe this next generation is already light years ahead of their predecessors but man that belief takes a hit any time I'm in an area with rural whites. I guess as long as we stay out of small towns on the road system people of color should be fine. I to this day pack heat when I'm going anywhere that has an excess of low education white folks.

And its not like I blame them, I understand they are just human. I see a lot of the same ideas and fears among my own. I'm terrible though, I mean I barely like white people. I try and go into every new meeting with an open mind but I am disappointed often enough that I don't even wanna give most folks a chance. I don't want any new friends unless they are hot and female. Fuck even as I say that, no matter how hot they are I can't stand racist white chicks either. Its not even limited to them, "uncle tom's" or I think more accurately the house negroes drive me nuts. my own people who with a straight face place 100% of the blame on us for our situation. I do believe we are the only ones who can get us out of this mess colonialism has left but we aren't the ones making the policy decisions that affect our lives.

anyhow, im done. im more of a separatist in the sense i would rather have separate schools, separate economy, separate everything but co-exist under our own separate systems.

that's not a pipe dream, this is something we can accomplish. it wouldn't be like you think though, white folks would still be welcome in all our communities and go to our schools etc. but these institutions would be based on our worldview, which is most simply described as some kind of collectivist philosophy which is of course, the most correct one.

but in the meantime, not sure i belong in an organization that promotes the healing of racism when I have this attitude. I won't even explain anything to white folks anymore, i just don't give a shit what they think past what they'll kill me for.

what say ye denizens of norrath?

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