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General Disconation / Re: Bailons woodturning journey update
« on: Today at 12:20:28 AM »
the last piece is beautiful

General Disconation / Re: Bailons woodturning journey update
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:26:53 PM »
If you are having problems keeping yourself in supplies, then yes, price raising is much needed. You need to figure in your supply price and whatever you should be valuing your labor as, which if you haven't been, you definitely need to do as it will help with pricing everything in the future.

That said, I could justify buying that at $120 much easier. It's something we've always wanted, but haven't put serious consideration into because they are usually so expensive.

I like the worn pieces too. Is there a middle ground where you could keep it looking that that, but still be protected?

General Disconation / Re: Bailons woodturning journey update
« on: December 17, 2014, 01:47:06 PM »
In that first set, what would that piece run?

Spamalot / Re: do i call cops or something
« on: December 16, 2014, 08:55:12 PM »
ugh you get dealt some of the worst shit, sorry to hear it Warren

Spamalot / Re: would you shut up
« on: December 15, 2014, 05:24:16 PM »
There's a mess to clean up in both cases.

good Jackpanel, or best Jackpanel?

I thought it read properly, though clunky. The previous sentence states "in custody" so you wouldn't count deaths outside of custody - before, or during, arrest.

General Disconation / Re: The Very Real Danger of GMO
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:50:22 PM »
very interesting

General Disconation / Re: Cheap AirPrint printers?
« on: December 11, 2014, 03:33:35 PM »
good luck

Lux, I don't see you putting up with too much bullshit. Even a very mature 18 year old is no match for 30+. If there is no bullshit now, ride with it, but realize she still has a lot of growing up to do and there is a huge percentage chance you will grow apart because of it, through no fault of either of you.

At 34 I "dated" a 25 year old for 3 months; not even the good kind of dated where we fucked like rabbits, like apparently you are doing. We hung out a lot and she was a cool chick, but seemed to pull back from anything more than that, both verbally and physically. Since she seemed uninterested in the "old fat guy," I went the dumbass route of just emailing her saying that I was interested in more than what we were doing, but every time I tried to advance, she pulled away; basically, "what's up." After 3-4 days of nothing, I got drunk and pissed that I wasted so much time trying to force something to work that wasn't, I emailed her saying it was fun, but I'd see her around. 2-3 days after that she finally responded saying I was the a-hole for putting her through that and everything was all my fault, then some rambling on about all the things she never mentioned while we were together, but would have made a difference in the outcome if she would have been upfront about it and not left me hanging for a week. I emailed her back saying as much. A month later she sent me another rambling, swear infused email again and I never contacted her again. 3 months later I met my wife, 2 years apart.

What does this mean behind I pulled a crazy redhead and couldn't seal the deal? Nothing, other than drama can be hidden for quite a while and 30 is a tipping point. Once chicks are over that hump and still single, they eventually realize that they get what they put out there. It's much easier to deal with a 30yo woman, than anything less. The closer to 35 the better, but then you have to deal with much more marriage/kids craziness.

General Disconation / Re: This messageboard - potentially getting NSFW
« on: December 10, 2014, 04:40:26 PM »
Let's make sure to keep it clothed in here...

General Disconation / Re: Eric Garner Video
« on: December 08, 2014, 03:13:18 PM »
Since they had him cuffed someone or something should have been propping his neck up

Makes sense.

I am CPR/AED certified, and used to be BERT certified, but never renewed - which sucks. Anyway, just confirming that the recovery position in on the person's side, usually laying on their own arm. Makes sense the police would have to support the head when a suspect is cuffed. If someone is breathing, you know their heart is working. If not breathing you check for a pulse and or capillary perfusion. In old CPR days you were told that breathing assists can be performed (and you should have checked the airway at some point), but they have tried to make CPR easier, so that more people would do it, and some of those things have been dropped from the standard training. IIRC, they say, now, that if in doubt, do your chest compressions anyway. You should have already had someone sent to call 911 (or called yourself) and the compressions will move the lungs somewhat, as well.

General Disconation / Re: Cheap AirPrint printers?
« on: December 03, 2014, 04:49:30 PM »
25 bucks is pretty damn cheap, so that would be hard to beat. At least you could return it. If you already had a printer that you really like, they also make Printer Servers-in-a-box add-ons to your network. Don't know anything about prices or quality.

General Disconation / Re: This messageboard
« on: December 03, 2014, 03:20:32 PM »
I don't spend a lot of time here anymore. Work is full on shitting down my decapitated throat. Maybe I shouldn't even post anything since I likely won't be able to follow up.

Here's the thing, yes, there are kernels of truth to what Synth is saying, and yes, he's letting his anger get too much of him. There is no direct conspiracy. TZT about mostly free speech first, even the ugly bullshit no one wants to talk about and can even squelch honest discourse. Synth used to actively bring those conversations in here. And while I think he believed some of his earliest posts (or was outright trolling), at least at the time, the problem is that it may have become disingenuous because he didn't really believe the positions he sometimes took, though he defended them tooth and nail, while rarely acknowledging his real feelings on the topic. That lead people to believe, he truly supported those topics, which gave him a reputation. I would agree that it was necessary to get the best discussion out of people, but you can't expect people to forget discussions they have had with you and not hold you accountable to those points, even if you didn't really believe them.

Since there is also a darker side to TZT, insults/jabs/personal attacks still happen (though at a much reduced pace) in the course of most discussions. Taket and KB (probably a few others) have historically taken to personal attacks almost immediately in discussions (Taket's signature should read "You're a fucking idiot" for as many times as it has come up over the years); you can see examples of that in many debates, so I don't imagine that's too controversial. Synth, I would also say that you have historically done the same thing; all we have to do is look at the original post here. Kicking down the door and telling people what pieces of trash they are will not accomplish anything - as you should well know with discussions you have had with others here doing the same to you. If people won't honestly engage than drop the discussion, who gives a shit if you can't convince someone, who may actually just be trying to get a rise out of you, of anything.

I think another cause of your issues, Synth, is that you want TZT to be something it probably won't ever be. This frustrates you to the point that you become what you despise in your "opposition." This will never be a Debate Team hangout. There is enough diversity to get a few good exchanges out of threads, but you never know who will show up to the party, out of boredom, to burn shit down. So, direct your responses to the people who are honest in their discussions with you, and don't respond to asshats who are just looking to sucker punch you. If you decide to respond in kind - as you have in most of the discussions I have looked at over the years - then, like a playground fight, we will certainly let the fight continue.

I think you also expect Utmuno (maybe you have already given up on me - it's probably legit considering my reading time lately) to sit, perched atop Olympus, omnipresent and omnipotent. That's not even close to fair. I am not even in management (as he is) yet, and may never be, but unlike my younger years I don't read every post, at every moment of the day, to see all the little jabs that happen in the hallways. All we see are the blowouts, of which you have certainly had your share. It's not fair for most people, one bit. This will never be anywhere near a perfect system and to expect that is to expect the impossible. Take it as a challenge, to teach yourself to bear the burden of life's little bullshit. At least it doesn't matter here. It will matter in Real Life when these same things happen. Learning to smile when thinking of a bullet to another person's skull is a useful skill - as long as you don't pull the trigger. TZT will rarely be anything more than that. Sometimes it still shits out a golden nugget, and that is why it's worth it to be here. If you don't want to pan for gold in the cesspool, then don't let it ruin your life. Nothing's worth that.

General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 24, 2014, 11:56:29 PM »

General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 24, 2014, 05:51:58 PM »
Hey Stuff, with all these amazing offensive LSU players going to town on sundays, how come LSU still fails week in week out on offense on saturdays?

 :grin: Always the negative nancy...

LSU players in the draft the last 2 years:

Big hits to the defense in 2013, and couple more in 2014.
Hard to see from the 2014 on Offense, but standout RBs and WRs taken. Maybe someone more dedicated could show how many total yards, or scores, those guys contributed. Our biggest pain point was/is QB. We have a red shirt Freshman who is a barely adequate passer, though nowhere near where we were. His backup is a true freshman that got a lot of playing time earlier this year, but needs a bit more maturity.

See my original post, that I quoted again, saying that if we finish top 25, I will be happy. We are nowhere near as deep in WRs, RBs and Secondary as years past. Our strong suit is that we are playing a shitload of underclassmen:

Our FR RB, Fournette has been coming along nicely and is keeping up with 2 SR RBs. If he stays healthy, we'll be able to hopefully generate more pass opportunities. And, if we get either/or QB to make some smart passing plays, I'd bet top 15 next year, with an impressive 2016 Team, once again, assuming we stay healthy.

Tech Heads / Re: OSX app installer troubleshooting
« on: November 21, 2014, 11:59:41 AM »
This came up again. Same problem. Took a bit to remember we discussed it here, then to find the post. Good stuff again!

Agrulian Archives / Re: Agrul where can I buy the cheapest textbooks.
« on: November 20, 2014, 08:58:13 PM »
ebay? craigslist?

General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 20, 2014, 01:05:38 AM »
I only root for the SEC after they get drafted by the Cardinals..  :ok:  More LSU dbs and Bama DL please..

Fuck you too. Gimme our defense back prz.

General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 20, 2014, 01:03:40 AM »
Lol get fucked LSU try scoring a point next time. scrubs.

fuck you dingo fucker

Tech Heads / Re: Time to take a minute and reflect...
« on: November 14, 2014, 02:52:57 PM »
Oh what a tangled web...

Issues sorted out, mostly. Final test next week. The problem is/was all due to backups - something else I really am not very knowledgeable on yet.

We have are still running Exchange 2007. Due to legacy reason (we had a merger) the Exchange forrest is housed in a different, older domain. We have 2 NLB CAS servers, 2 MBX servers in a Failover Cluster, and 1 Exchange 2010 CAS server, as a bridge to O365, that we will eventually migrate to.

We are also currently using Netbackup to back most things up, as far as I can tell; I just recently started getting the backup reports, and only today for Exchange. Netbackup takes a daily differential and full weekly. Due to only having a full backup once a week, to make recovery easier we were doing a daily full backup using ntbackup, that we had been dumping to an iSCSI target. 

Now the plot thickens...

So a couple of months before my senior Admin left, we knew the Storage appliance housing the iSCSI target was off maintenance and on its way out the door. So, my buddy was working to just dump the daily full to UNC path. (Un)Luckily he was presented with a job that he took before it all got figured out. He may have even been running it as his Domain Admin account, that remained logged, until he could work out all the kinks. Well, one day, we killed off his accounts, then the ticking began...

I don't think we're still 100% on this - at least I'm not, though that is my current assumption, and usre as fuck don't feel like reading up on netbackup at this time as my hands are full with other shit - but I think the daily differential from Netbackup does not truncate the log files. So, every 3-5 days, our log directory would fill, causing the Active node to partially failover, and the passive had nowhere to store logs either, so we all stopped getting mail. Awesome.


Lot's of twists and turns. Add in that we filter all email through a 3rd party Spam Filter, that gives us the option of DR, if necessary, and you have 2 months of intense reading and learning of all those pieces, to understand the basics of our mail flow, to figure out our best option. It could also be said, especially since we are migrating to O365 eventually anyway, that we could have just said "Fuck It" and live with a larger recovery process when someone deletes their mail on accident; btw this rarely happens, but no shit if 2(!) people didn't do this in the last month - fuckers. But, even though it stressed me the fuck out, I feel much more comfortable moving around in Exchange and I have developed some cool PowerShell scripts and reports for the future. So, on to the specifics...

Ntbackup was actually discontinued in Server 2008. They started using a different backup product going forward (wbadmin). In yet another terrible move on MS's part, the new included backup tool was not exchange aware, which is key here for its ability to truncate logs. So, we have been using an old 2003 SP2 server as a backup proxy to trigger ntbackup jobs. This was throwing a multitude or errors when I started troubleshooting this. Some of them even looked like RAM errors when you consoled in. This is one of our last physical Windows Servers, too, so there was discussion of P2V, but if the RAM was (or failing local Disk) we sure didn't want to do that, so maybe standup a new 2003 virtual server and just re-create the backup jobs? While thinking on this with my Boss, I found out that, like most things Vista/2008 related, MS realized their fuckup, so with Exchange 2007 SP2, a plugin was added to wbadmin, that would allow Exchange-aware backups. Further, I read hints that they could be run on the Passive node of a Failover cluster so that we could do them during business hours making scheduling and fixes much easier to deal with. So, I spent a week or more looking into that and got it to partially work. I think I was still running into collisions with Netbackup though because it would never finish. Also, another problem is that wbadmin is a Volume backup tool; you have to back up a whole volume, not just individual DBs like we were doing with ntbackup. After a full 2 weeks on that, I said Fuck It and went back to ntbackup because we were trying to get a solution that didn't rely on a full volume restore and the time that takes.

To cut to the chase, we have/had a few problems I found:

1) Collisions with software (can't run both products simultaneously); things take longer now that they are dumping to a network share
2) Log collisions; We have 25 Storage Groups and ntbackup only runs 10 log files by default, but you can change that in the registry.
3) This is all managed by Scheduled Tasks. For some reason, it appears like when ntbackup, when called by a Scheduled Task, requires the/a service account to be logged into the machine, so my next test will run with the service account consoled into session 0, and the screen locked. If that works on Monday, we are fixed until we migrate.

Best Friday in a long time  :pimp:

General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 11, 2014, 12:23:41 AM »
I feel like I wanna see Ssalam coming down the mountain with fiery bushess and stone tablets and shit.

Tech Heads / Re: Random Reboots
« on: November 11, 2014, 12:11:30 AM »
You should still run hirens and look for Mobo, CPU, RAM testing tools, before inertia sets in and you live with a possible hardware failure for months/years.

General Disconation / Re: lol ur welcome
« on: November 09, 2014, 04:12:51 PM »
way to make it sound like a giant Alaskan cumshot

General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 09, 2014, 03:58:35 PM »







he did.

I'm still considering action

Molly Shattuck, the estranged wife of former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck, has been indicted in an ongoing investigation that spans from Delaware to Baltimore County.

On Monday, a Sussex County, Delaware, Grand Jury indicted Molly Shattuck on nine counts: Two counts of third-degree rape, a Class B felony in Delaware; four counts of unlawful sexual contact, a Class F felony; and three counts of distributing alcohol to a minor, a misdemeanor.

Molly Shattuck turned herself in to the Sussex County Superior Court in Georgetown, Delaware, on Wednesday. She pleaded not guilty and posted $84,000 bail.

Court affidavits obtained by the WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team say Molly Shattuck had sexual contact with a teenage boy.

Rarely has Molly Shattuck shied from publicity, not as the wife in a wealthy power couple or her distinction at one time as the National Football League's oldest cheerleader.

The 47-year-old mother of three is accused of performing oral sex on a boy no older than her own children.

The investigation of Molly Shattuck centers on a relationship she developed starting in May with a 15-year-old boy. She spotted the boy's pictures on Instagram and made sure he got her cellphone number, according to court affidavits the I-Team has reviewed.

Molly Shattuck and the boy started communicating before meeting in person, according to the documents. Their first alleged physical contact -- kissing and touching -- happened when Molly Shattuck met the boy in Columbia, then drove to a middle school parking lot in Mount Airy and got in the back seat of Molly Shattuck's car.

The documents say Molly Shattuck would pick the boy up from summer school and go park in an Owings Mills parking garage almost a half-dozen times in July.

Key to the investigation is what allegedly happened Labor Day weekend in Bethany Beach, Delaware, where Molly Shattuck, her kids and some of her kids' friends were staying in a rented beach house. The boy stayed over one night.

The documents say, "Sometime around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, they drove to a liquor store and (Molly) Shattuck purchased a 12-pack of Miller Lite and a 12-pack of Bud Light for them."

The younger kids were left home alone. Once back at the house, Molly Shattuck allegedly performed oral sex on the boy, first outside the home while walking the dog and again in her bedroom.

The documents say "(the boy) described the undergarments (Molly) Shattuck was wearing when he entered her bedroom."

The documents say she allegedly performed oral sex on the boy and told him "if he wanted to have sex she would. The boy opted out. He decided to leave. At that point, she told him to come back later but he did not go back."

The boy's father picked him up the next day and that was last the boy saw Molly Shattuck.

Investigators have executed a search warrant at Molly Shattuck's $2.5 million home in Roland Park. As part of the criminal investigation, investigators were looking for, among other things, Molly Shattuck's cellphone and pink underwear.

McDonogh School Headmaster Charles Britton sent an e-mail to the campus community, saying that Molly Shattuck has been banned from entering the campus and that additional security measures have been put in place as a result of this investigation.

Britton said he received information on Sept. 24 regarding alleged inappropriate behavior involving a parent and a student, which was passed on to Baltimore County police.

Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger released a statement Wednesday saying his office is deferring prosecution at this time but should more facts arise or circumstances change, he may revisit his decision.

Molly Shattuck has often been the center of attention as the younger woman who married Mayo Shattuck in 1997. The two are now separated and going through a divorce.

She's also known as the oldest woman to perform as an NFL cheerleader when she made the Baltimore Ravens squad in 2005.

She's also known as a philanthropist and as an author of "Vibrant Living," her recipe for good health.

In recent weeks, her website went down for maintenance.

jfc at this point i'm willing to believe that there were 15 year old boys getting blown by lakers girls and cowboys cheerleaders back in the day.


General Disconation / Re: CFB Week 6 Thread.. (pg 4)
« on: November 07, 2014, 01:03:23 AM »
busy busy. Fuck Bama. Later bitches.

Tech Heads / Re: Random Reboots
« on: November 06, 2014, 12:32:20 AM »
better you than me! I'd be losing sleep with shit like this.

General Disconation / Re: Google Inbox - Anyone using it?
« on: November 04, 2014, 08:41:42 AM »
why would you ever delete email? thats why archiving companies and and 20gb+ inboxes exist.  I constantly refer back to shit I vaguely remember from a year ago with search tools.  Deleting email seems like a thing old people or those out of touch with technology do.

Except if you are running an SMB corporate email server, you don't let several hundred people have 20GB mailboxes. Recovery would be measured in days.

Tech Heads / Re: Synology 415play - good stuff
« on: November 04, 2014, 12:08:56 AM »

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