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So, since my computer started crashing and rebooting every time I would try to play Skyrim for more than 10 minutes a week ago, I've been afraid that something is wrong with my PSU.  This is the one I'm using that I bought 10 months ago:

I thought maybe it could also possibly be just something that's wrong with Skyrim because I hadn't noticed problems with any other games like the Witcher 2, but last night I was playing the Kingdoms of Amalur demo and my computer cut out and rebooted as it had been doing for Skyrim after 45 minutes of playing.  I'm confident it's not overheating because Speedfan doesn't really show my GPU or CPU temps (or any others) getting hot.  I'm assuming Speedfan is reliable?

Anyway, so now I'm looking at buying another PSU because I'm guessing this one is bad, because as it is, it should definitely be able to handle a system with


right?  I can't think of anything else I would have that would be very power intensive that would make having a 650W PSU that is 80+ rated be inadequate.  So, I'm looking at buying another PSU, and since I initially thought PSUs of only 450W would be sufficient for my system I was looking about getting a Seasonic 520W PSU.  Reading that thread on the SA forums that Knitting has linked a few times leads me to believe that this should be more than enough, as well, but now I'm really wondering what the fuck is going on with my PC.  HALP.

pupu von knitting:
i didn't pay much attention to the other thread, but it sounds like overheating to me

as in, your computer automatically reboots when a certain temperature is reached

what aftermarket cooler are you using, and how did you apply the thermal solution between the CPU and heatsink?

i am more accustomed to PSUs frying the entire fucking system when they go bad, and there is no reason yours should be bad or have gone bad

that's just me though

I think I'm just using stock cooling that came with my PSU?  I used the artic thermal paste that you recommended and also applied it in a similar fashion to a YouTube video you posted in my thread about building a new PC last spring, but maybe I did a shit job of it

Why would it just be overheating now, though?

Playing Skyrim, Speedfan said my GPU got up to 70 degrees C max

pupu von knitting:

--- Quote from: Sanlaven on February 01, 2012, 06:37:59 PM ---Playing Skyrim, Speedfan said my GPU got up to 70 degrees C max

--- End quote ---
70C for a GPU under load is fairly average

how about the CPU?


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