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Former avatars and signatures thread - sticky request

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post retired sigs and avatars you still have access to itt. Post your current avatar and/or sig ITT before changing them, so we can have a record

a brief history of my avatars and sigs in rough chronological order:

There have been others. That first one is a small copy of my original. I have no idea what happened to the full size one. I made it myself and the background was supposed to be black but the gif editor had shitty color management, so later on I fixed it when I got the first operation spamalot sig. I dunno what happened to the animated version of the trollers + top hats pictures, or why I have those particular still-captures in their place. I think there was a THEAIDS banner that went with those, too, but I dunno where that is, either, if it ever existed.

There was also a period during which I used that picture of Grand that Czer used as his avatar, and then another picture of me doing an imitation of that picture, but I don't have either of those on my hard drive.

also the original troll attack one used to run more smoothly. As did my current, finished version. Or maybe that's just my imagination, I dunno.

ArogarnElessaur Egg:
I think I've lost most of mine but I may still have some.  I'll see what I can dig up and maybe even plug in my old HD.

pupu von knitting:

good deal. Text signatures can also be included. My first signature was

--- Quote ---"I hate when people use random quotes in their signatures." - AgelessDrifter
--- End quote ---

And I also had quotes of posts of people (kilinitic and someone else, I don't remember) saying stuff about me being awesome at one point.


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