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Utumnoberry the Berry Big:
As voted by the citizens of Spamalot, the reign of terror of Bickens and Grandasaur has ended.  The queens are dead.  Long live the queens!

The 100k post count threads are locked and have moved on to a better place (Classics).

A new guideline has been added to the list, prohibiting future "1,000,000,000 post count thread - DO YOU THINK THIS IS A FUCKING GAME!!!!" threads.  Yes that means no more postcount thread racing.  Even in Spamalot.  Really.  Prohibition might be revoked in the future pending myself winning the lottery or obtaining access to a permanent T1 line.


My 20k thread grandfathered into this just remember that

Oh no you took that from me also =(

I h8 u u never loved me this is so unfair all the other kids get to spam why nto me waaaaaah  :cry:

Utumnoberry the Berry Big:
Wuzn't me!


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